With ‘Dave,’ Lil Dicky ‘Achieved My Destiny’

With ‘Dave,’ Lil Dicky ‘Achieved My Destiny’

When I put my next album out, I think everyone’s going to listen to it. Jay-Z is not going back and Googling “Lil Dicky,” but I think Jay-Z will probably at some point hear something on my new album. And I think, What is Jay-Z going to feel when he listens to it? And I think he’ll listen to it and it will earn his respect. I don’t think I’ve been capable of that. That’s why it’s taken me so long.

SCHAFFER This is exactly what we’re dealing with in Season 2. The pressure of “Is this good enough to put out?”

BURD My album is going to surprise people in how great it will be.

GaTa, do you back him up on this?

GATA I definitely back him up. I know where his mind is. I’ve seen the whole process, I’ve been down since Day 1. I’ve always been a firm believer that he’s one of the dopest, one of the best rappers. I’m just patiently waiting.

What’s it like to play off such a polarizing, intense figure?

GATA For me, it feels great. Look, I’m from the hood, I’m from the ghetto. At first, people were coming up to me like, “Man, why you working with him? He corny, he this, he that.” I’m like, he’s smart, he’s funny, he makes me laugh. So to hear all those comments now — people calling me like, “Oh, he got me laughing!” It feels real good. A lot of people didn’t get it at first. But now the [expletive] got a TV show.

Is Dave a control freak?

MISIAK I think the most surprising thing about Dave is what a good listener he is.

BURD I am a control freak in the sense that I’m so driven to get exactly what I want, but I know that exactly what I want will only happen through listening to all the people that I’ve surrounded myself with. I truly am like a data-driven, no-stone-unturned — I will A-B a thing, send it to 40 people and go with whatever gets the most votes.

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