Why the 9/11 victim bill is a pressing issue to first responders | Just The FAQs

Why the 9/11 victim bill is a pressing issue to first responders | Just The FAQs

Mitch McConnell says Jon Stewart was “all bent out of the shape” over the 9/11 victims fund. Hear what Stewart had to say to that.
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  1. Derek Davis

    That’s a major bummer. This shouldn’t be an issue at all. The government should have taken money from our huge defense budget to cover this.

  2. B shields

    I watched the full speech Mr.Stewart gave, and its spot on. These people maybe didnt save the whole world from a meteor, but the images and videos in the news of these heros DID save the US. Their tenacity and courage is what we all fed on and needed to see, to know we would be ok. I was in 6th grade when those towers fell. I know for a fact that I personally NEEDED to see the helpers and heros out there. I needed to see that evil didnt win, and love fought back. So now, its our turn to love them back! Be loyal to the people willing to die for you. It's simple.
    #Gratitude #TheyAnsweredTheCall

  3. Captain Ron II

    The only people arrested on 9:11 were israeli jews with explosives 🧨. They were released to go back to Israhell to brag about it on tv. False flags are their calling cards. Iran is next.

  4. Live From The Gutter

    It’s crazy how much is still very relevant today from the tragic events of 9/11. Those who aren’t looking won’t see it but I do. We won’t stop until justice is served !

  5. amclar2

    9/11 was clearly an inside job and the buildings were remote detonated. why does nobody talk about building 7.. you know, the one that went down due to fires and was even reported as collapsing BEFORE IT HAPPENED on the BBC.. look it up.. but I do feel for the people who were killed, and their families, due to whatever our secret governments motivations were. Nothing we can do about it but lets at least wake up and see the truth.

  6. Jonathan Alvarado

    Ok bruh tell me how y'all are almost dead and y'all valuing ur lives over those of the futures. Like bruh if u got a problem shut up none of y'all finna make it since y'all dying anyways 🤦

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