What’s on TV Monday: ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Ashley Garcia’

What’s on TV Monday: ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Ashley Garcia’

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS 8 p.m. on NBC. This spinoff of Simon Cowell’s popular talent show closes out its second season with 10 franchise favorites vying for the title “ultimate champion.” The finalists, all acts that did well on previous seasons of “America’s Got Talent” or international versions of the program, include Alexa Lauenburger, whose dog act won the 2017 German competition, and Marcelito Pomoy, the winner from the Philippines in 2011. The dance group V. Unbeatable, a favorite of the judge Howie Mandel, and Sandou Trio Russian Bar, whose acrobatic performance last week was a standout, are also in contention.

THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE OF ASHLEY GARCIA Stream on Netflix. There is no outrunning adolescence, even for science prodigies. Ashley (Paulina Chávez) spent her childhood becoming the “youngest person ever to earn a Ph.D.” but when the 15-year-old moves to California to do robotics work for NASA she finds herself facing the same problems as her peers, especially when it comes to romance. Ashley’s uncle Victor (Jencarlos Canela), a high school sports coach, isn’t prepared to parent a teenager, but her friend Brook (Bella Podaras) is there to pick up the slack, or at least guide her through traditional coming-of-age rituals like spin the bottle. .

A QUIET PASSION (2016) Stream on Sundance Now. Rent on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and YouTube. More than 100 years after her death, Emily Dickinson remains an alluring enigma. Her reclusive lifestyle and enigmatic poetry have left plenty of blank space for later generations to fill in on their own. Last year the movie “Wild Nights With Emily” depicted the writer as the “heroine of a romantic comedy,” while “Dickinson,” a new series on Apple TV+, imbued her life with “millennial angst and sexual fluidity.” This Terence Davies film subverts the caricature of Dickinson that has developed over the years a bit more subtly. The director, A.O. Scott wrote in his review for The Times, “possesses a poetic sensibility perfectly suited to his subject.” His Dickinson is “a prickly, funny, freethinking intellectual, whose life is less a chronicle of withdrawal from the world than a series of explosive engagements with the universe.” This complex portrayal, he wrote, traces the poet’s development by paying “scrupulous attention to the milieu that fed it” and the existential dilemmas that both motivated and frustrated it.

A FAMILY SUBMERGED (2018) Stream on Mubi. María Alché began her cinematic career in 2004 as an actress in Lucrecia Martel’s “The Holy Girl.” Since then she’s studied directing at ENERC, the highly competitive film school in Buenos Aires and begun making her own work. This film, Alché’s debut feature, tells the story of Marcela (Mercedes Moran), a middle-aged mother who grows close with her daughter’s male friend as she mourns her sister’s death. According to A.O. Scott, it “shows signs of Martel’s influence in its blend of oblique narration and subtle psychological insight,” but also demonstrates Alché’s own “arresting visual sensibility.”

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