This kid tried to quit band, teacher had other plans

This kid tried to quit band, teacher had other plans

When an illness started taking away a student’s ability to play the drums, his band director made different plans. Find out what she did to make sure the music didn’t stop for this dedicated student.

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  1. Michael Rich

    well that poor kid not alone there alot just like him. im one of them…… NEWS to show more about us and we are not freaks we just born like this GOD choosed us to be like this ….. must be test for them now us

  2. Just a Normal Gamer

    Their are so many things wrong with the band like
    •The clarinets are holding their instruments diagonally
    •They are supposed to stand up straight and not be sluggish
    •The flutes are being weird on how they hold the instrument in general
    •Some people are looking completely at the ground
    •Their sound, it scares me, it sounds like they haven’t cleared the spit out in a whole decade
    •The way the some of the band members are disorganized and just are everywhere
    •The way some brass have their fingers
    •Isn’t the brass supposed to be in the back and the woodwinds in the front, how do they even hear the woodwinds
    •They slur a lot of the notes that shouldn’t be slurred
    •Some students play too loud, like it isn’t a fff jesus christ

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