This is how El Paso sees Beto O'Rourke | USA TODAY

This is how El Paso sees Beto O'Rourke | USA TODAY

The El Paso native has fought President Trump’s negative portrayal of the border city, but what do residents really think of their hometown presidential hopeful?
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Across El Paso, O’Rourke is widely considered a beloved celebrity, the hometown rocker-turned-presidential-hopeful who has fought President Donald Trump’s negative portrayal of his border city, heralded immigrants’ rights and stood by residents after last month’s deadly mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart.

But to some here, O’Rourke is remembered as someone who sided with developers while on the City Council and was ready to displace dozens of Latino residents in the name of redevelopment – a far cry from the progressive persona he exudes on the campaign trail. Others say he has simply lost some of the sheen he radiated when he ran against Republican incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz last year.

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  1. XYZ

    He didn't go to Iowa, instead have spent time in El Paso at a time of the great tragedy. I love Beto, wish him well, he is a good guy and his critics are holding extremely one-sided views… Whoever made this video was really not too objective, as we say, the horsefoot hangs out…

  2. willieboy3011 Jonas

    Yeah, he is so popular he lost the senate race despite having over twice the money (>$80,000 to Cruz's $36). No, Beto. The 2nd Amendment cannot be dismissed by a president. This is not a dictatorship. No country gives their soldiers semiautomatic rifles, so quit calling them weapons of war. The real issue should be why were these people prevented from defending themselves at Aurora with a firearm against the killer instead of being forced to wait until the killer murdered them. The 2nd Amendment is not open to elimination by dictator, Beto.

    We need more guns, including ARs and semiautomatic firearms. Just this week 3 masked men in Georgia with guns attacked men in their yard, but the homeowner fortunately had an AR semiautomatic rifle to defend them. Do not forget the Church shooter in Texas was stopped by an AR from a civilian, not police.

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