Skal! Scandinavian Spirits From New York

Skal! Scandinavian Spirits From New York

For a Nordic take on summer drinks like the Southside, try aquavit. A pair of new aquavits from Svol reflect different Scandinavian styles: Danish and Swedish. Both have flavors driven by caraway, as is typical, but the Danish version is more powerfully spiced. Herbs, notably dill, are evident in the Swedish one, which also has a hint of yeasty sweetness. The labels on the squared-off cobalt bottles are loaded with references to Norse mythology. The aquavits are a collaboration between Gunnar Gislason, the chef and owner of Dill in Reykjavik (and former chef of Agern in New York); Allen Katz of New York Distilling in Brooklyn and Peter Nevenglosky, the founder, who develops and markets spirits.

Svol Aquavit, 80 proof, $30 in New York at Bowery & Vine,, and in California and other states, K&L Wine Merchants,

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