Sen. McSally reveals Air Force rape, 'felt powerless'

Sen. McSally reveals Air Force rape, 'felt powerless'

Republican U.S. Sen. Martha McSally disclosed on Wednesday that she was raped by a superior officer while she was in the Air Force.

McSally, made the deeply personal disclosure during a Senate hearing. Here are her full opening remarks from her Senate office, as prepared for delivery.

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  1. Shaft Canyoudigit

    This is one of the few cases i believe.
    But many stories (stories, in the fictional sense) are manifestly bullshit.
    The false allegations need to stop.
    Kill the #MeToo movement in order to allow true crimes to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. _Samuel_

    Hey Martha, as a field grade officer, who spent time in command over many airmen/women, don't you recall the mandatory quarterly training given on sexual assault? Here is a refresher, and if you did this, there would be record of it.

    Service members and military dependents (18 years and older) have two options when it comes to reporting sexual assault: unrestricted or restricted reporting. The victim will need to fill out a DD Form 2910 with assistance from a Uniformed Victim Advocate (UVA), SAPR Victim Advocate (VA), or Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC).

    Unrestricted Reporting – starts an official law enforcement investigation, enlists the support of the chain of command, and provides a victim with access to ALL supportive service options:

    Advocacy Services (support, information, referral, and accompaniment)
    Medical/Counseling Services
    Victims' Legal Counsel
    Law Enforcement Notification/Investigation
    Command Notification/Support
    Military Protective Order
    Expedited Transfer
    With unrestricted reporting, knowledge of the sexual assault is limited to those with need-to-know.

    Restricted Reporting – is confidential, does not trigger an investigation or command involvement, and allows the victim to access THESE supportive service options:

    Advocacy Services (support, information, referral, and accompaniment)
    Medical/Counseling Services
    Victims' Legal Counsel
    A victim can choose to convert a Restricted Report to Unrestricted at any time. However, once an Unrestricted Report is made, the restricted option is no longer available.

    Who to Contact to File a Report

    For an Unrestricted Report – Victims can disclose a sexual assault to these people:

    Uniformed Victim Advocate
    Civilian SAPR Victim Advocate
    Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
    Healthcare Personnel
    Victims' Legal Counsel
    Chain of Command
    Law Enforcement

    For a Restricted Report – Victims can only disclose a sexual assault to the UVA, SAPR VA, SARC, healthcare personnel (except in certain states or local jurisdictions where such personnel are required to disclose sexual assaults to law enforcement, including CA), chaplain, and victims' legal counsel.

  3. Lucky Boy Me

    Now we have Republicans coming out in support of rape, or at the very least, victim shaming.. as if this woman had any chance of reporting the crime to someone who would be receptive to what she was saying. If you're raped by a soldier, you don't want to go tell another soldier about it. most soldiers are savages who got into it because they either are broke and uneducated, or they're sociopaths and psychopaths who want to kill people.

    I wouldn't report a sexual assault to one of those dimwits.

  4. Chapawee Zonta

    Hello everyone my life in danger I live at 1480 Springhill Avenue Kettering, Ohio
    I am a multiple gang rape survivor Organized Gang Stalking victim I live in Kettering, Ohio the perpetrators are running a kiddy porn industry using virtual technology. I am gang raped and tortured the weapon they use to do this is called Remote Neural Monitoring. My name is Marilynn Page please view my You Tube channel as it is documenting my torture in the state of Ohio. There are 100's of thousands of Targeted Individuals who have a You Tube channel we need military intervention NOW!

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