Random act of kindness by waitress will melt your heart

Random act of kindness by waitress will melt your heart

A moving gesture by a Fort Worth waitress will never be forgotten by the Riddle family. See what happened to bring this couple to tears.

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  1. Teresa Bowden

    I'm so sorry for your loss. She was beautiful. God will bless you again. Not to replace this beautiful baby. But to become wonderful parents again. R.i.p. sweet baby

  2. LearnEnglishESL

    Glory… such a beautiful name. In the Baha'i Faith by Baha'u'llah (Glory of God), the word "Baha" means "Glory" which is considered the Greatest Name of God and which is mentioned in the Bible so many times. May the child rest in the Lord's Court of Glory eternally.

  3. Marlo Stanfield

    I deeply am sorry 4 yr loss yr daughter looks beutiful i am a born again christian but i do sin but i can not understand y jesus took yr baby that has done nothing.GOD BLESS U & YR DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jeannie Russo

    What a wonderful gesture the young waitress Ted God bless your parents I have no idea how you feel but my heart bleeds for you both and I'll pray that God sends another Angel to both of you maybe even to this time I'm praying for u both in ohio

  5. V.kumar Jaiswal

    She was an angel and made some wrong thing so became in Earth but as her punishment finished she went her Heaven so don't feel sad you can meet her there…😢☹️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Sterling Crockett

    I'm an atheist and I have a daughter, and I cannot imagine the agony those young parents have gone through. I may not believe that their sweet child needs a divine purpose, but her parents have certainly found one with her in the inspiration they share with others. They will never forget their daughter, and by now their love for her will bring them comfort and peace. I wish I could thank them for what they've given me.

  7. A 1

    Glory. Hallelujah. A beautiful daughter. A beautiful mummy and daddy. A beautiful young woman who cared. Glory changed the World with her brief life and spread kindness. Rest in Peace sweet Glory.

  8. mountainsnurse

    This sad, beautiful story touched my heart to see Sean and Debbie suffer the 'ultimate loss' of a child passing away, a loss so deep, pain is insurmountable. I pray they find peace, strength, and love in the memory of Glory.

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