Queen Elizabeth II: Late monarch’s favourite flower represents love

Queen Elizabeth II: Late monarch’s favourite flower represents love

Although photographed with thousands of flower varieties during her lifetime, there was one flower that stood out for the late : Lily of the Valley. Back in 2019, the Royal Family confirmed this by tweeting that Her Majesty had “chosen Lily of the Valley” as her favourite flower. They said: “Lily Of The Valley featured in Her Majesty’s coronation bouquet and has held special association since.”

William Mitchell of Sutton Manor Nursery has shared what type of flower Lily of the Valley is, as well as its importance.

He said: “Lily of the Valley is a stunning woodland flowering plant that blooms bell-shaped white flowers in the spring months and has a unique, sweetly scented aroma. The plant is native throughout the cooler Northern Hemisphere, Asia and Europe.

“It is an extremely special flower, in cool climates, the plant can live for decades. However, warmer conditions have the opposite effect and can be very harmful to the plant.”

Although beautiful, Lily of the Valley is poisonous – not to touch, but if ingested. This is because it contains over 30 cardiac glycosides, which can speed the heart up to a dangerous pace.

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However, William warned that “a big problem” that can often arise in the autumn months is pests and diseases.

“The colder and wetter conditions can be a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases that can spread throughout a garden,” he said.

“These conditions also often attract pests to gardens that can cause considerable damage to crops and plants. Luckily, Lily of the Valley plants are generally free from nuisances such as harmful diseases or dangerous pests.”

William added that there are multiple variations of Lily of the Valley, such as Hardwick Hall, Albostriata, Vic Pawlowski Gold, and Convallaria Majalis Var Rosea – all with their own unique differences.

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