Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing I USA TODAY

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing I USA TODAY

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing.

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday he opposes using the National Guard to quiet unrest in a break with President Donald Trump who has threatened to deploy federal troops to “dominate the streets.”

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  1. Jessica Ribot

    The Bishop along with other clergy of the church, were in the streets with the protestors when the local police and national guard begin to attack peaceful protestors! The Bishop herself had to help some of the protestors wash their faces because they were covered in pepper spray! Is the Bishop a liar as well?!

  2. David Smith

    Bunker Bill from Capitol Hill has never read the bible and never will.

    How dare she make a comparison between a statesman like Churchill and this coward.

    When Disinfectant Trumpet held up the bible you could see he didn't quite know how to hold it , what to do with it. It was nothing more than a cheap photo opportunity that clearly back fired, it was like watching Nazi Storm Troopers in action. Heavy handed tactics clearly using projectiles against clearly peaceful protesters.

    " I will not lie to you" she once said. Tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray and flash bangs used on peaceful protesters yet she says they weren't even though it is there for everyone to see. She comes from the school of lying that states if you're going to tell lies then tell big ones and tell them often.

    She clearly lies and ducks questions. Yeah, they just happened to be extending the boundary when the Storm Troopers decided to leave the bunker. How dare she describe herself as a Christian. She talks like a tart, she acts like a tart and now she is dressing like one.

  3. huggysocks

    1. President is the healthiest pear shaped person in the world
    2. Protesters shouldn't riot as all violence must be conducted by officials and officers.
    3. Protest should be conducted as they where in the time of Martin Luther king but please dont look at news reports from that time when American officials called them domestic terrorist.
    5. Police handling crimes are not being given cover as forces are needed for peaceful protests.
    4. Dodged questions

  4. Vincent Parisi

    She's sold her soul for good and she can never buy it back. This black stain will consume her for the rest of her life. To fully back an evil psychopath like Trump has drained her of every drop of blood. There is no strength. Only ice. At least she had the decency to hide the cross she desecrates unlike what Trump did to both the bible and the church.

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