Palettes Are What Every Teen Wants for the Holidays

Palettes Are What Every Teen Wants for the Holidays

In a twist of fate, one of her classmates accidentally ordered two palettes; Rylee offered to split the cost of the second palette with a friend. “We’re switching off every week,” she said. “It’s like we’re co-parenting the palette.”

When the Conspiracy collection went live, Ally Vahling, a high school senior in Thornton, Colo., was sitting on a bus headed to a phys-ed class. Many of her classmates, she said, were hunched over their phones on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website. She wasn’t worried, though; her mother was at home, also on the site. Of her friends, she was the only one to secure the palette.

Ally said that for many people her age, palettes are a way of declaring which influencer’s team you’re on. “All these beauty gurus are coming out with their own palettes, so you get them to support them and show your alliance in all the beauty blogger dramas,” she said.

Ashley Frazier, a high school senior in Chicago, has about 30 palettes. It’s not that she wears a lot of eye shadow, she said. “I collect them because it’s visually appealing and to support the influencers that cater to me,” she said.

She recently bought a palette that the YouTuber Jackie Aina created with Anastasia Beverly Hills, which was designed to complement dark skin. “For makeup in general, usually I have to go off of people that look like me for what I can buy,” Ashley said. “Because while there’s so much stuff, it’s still kind of limited to certain people and skin tones.”

Maria Gallo, a 16-year-old in Mansfield, Ohio, who works as a part-time makeup artist, estimated that she has about 50 palettes at home.

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