‘Nonsense’ James Max savages luvvie plan to tax ultra-rich ‘grandstanding on EPIC scale’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

‘Nonsense’ James Max savages luvvie plan to tax ultra-rich ‘grandstanding on EPIC scale’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

An open letter from millionaires and wealthy celebrities, including luvvie actor Simon Pegg, demanding the richest in society be taxed more has caused controversy. More than 120 wealthy celebrities and business figures have signed the letter in hopes of addressing economic inequality across the planet. Commentator James Max argued this idea was “nonsense” and would not solve anything as governments prove they waste public money all the time.

While on the Jeremy Vine show Mr Max referenced the failing HS2 high-speed railway as an example of the government throwing money down the toilet.

He added the chief executive over the project is paid £600,000 a year for his work and hinted that with more money, the Government would simply increase the very richest salaries.

Mr Max said: “What a load of nonsense.

“This is grandstanding on the most epic scale by people who clearly don’t understand business or how it operates.

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“Would I like to see more equality? Yes, I would.

“Would I like to see the ways in which we see people contributing more? Yes, I would.

“But on a day where we find out the chief executive of HS2 funded by the government is paid over £600,000 a year to do that chief executive job, a public sector job.

“Where is this money going to go?

“So there is nothing to be done, it doesn’t solve the problem.

“What solves the problem is when you have people that are exceptionally wealthy doing things.

“Go back to the Victorians and what great philanthropists did.

“We have got cities and towns that were built by people who said this can’t be right.

“We’re making a lot of money and we have our workers who aren’t living correctly.”

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