Nancy Pelosi: President Donald Trump's 'comments are racist' | USA TODAY

Nancy Pelosi: President Donald Trump's 'comments are racist' | USA TODAY

Nancy Pelosi calls out President Donald Trump for ‘racist’ comments on House floor.
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded to the recent comments made by President Donald Trump and the White House while on the House floor.

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  1. David Edwards

    UN-American and globalist Un-constitutional beliefs have no place inside our borders… How is this racist?…. There use to be a great expression in America: Love it or leave it.

  2. Ashley Montgomery

    shapeshifters they ain't that gifted they can create the great division and still be the great Christian or the great Muslim Trump is a gangster payday Monsanto

  3. G Eak

    HATE is strong in the Socialist party.
    Pelosi is a Racist. Biden is a Racist. Trump is a Racist. Chris Pratt is a Racist.

  4. James Edward

    Oy vey. White man Racist. White man can’t stand up for his people. White man needs to enjoy becoming a minority in the United States by 2040.


    Pelosi you are old and you breath stinks from here…. The democrat party is a complete trash heap. USA Today you are complete fake news

  6. Mike Wazowski

    let me play devils advocate here… We already have a homeless problem in places within the USA and lets put aside those who come here legally… where do you put all of the illegals? where do you put them? who pays for it? what jobs will they take? hows our job market? does americans who are here legally have jobs?

  7. Knight Watchman

    Addressing all INDEPENDENTS … we are a powerful voting block. Let's make sure President Trump gets reelected and the House Democrats are
    swept out of the majority in 2020. Otherwise … in the future … we could all be subject to condemnation by the government for anything we say.

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