Lucifer season 5: Lesley Ann-Brandt rules out Maze romance | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Lucifer season 5: Lesley Ann-Brandt rules out Maze romance | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

During filming of the highly anticipated fifth season, production of the Netflix fantasy drama was forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, Lucifer fans have been kept busy with tantalising interviews from key cast members.

Devotees to the fantasy procedural based on Neil Gaiman’s original Sandman comic books were thrilled when the Fox series was saved from cancellation by Netflix.

Sadly, after just one new season for the streaming platform, the ongoing coronavirus lockdown has forced production for Lucifer and many other television series to postpone.

One of the stars confirmed the series was delayed halfway through filming the season finale, making the situation even more frustrating for Lucifer’s cast and crew. 

Mazikeen (played Lesley-Ann Brandt) has been at Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) side since the beginning, and has even hooked up with his friend and former master on occasion.

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As one of the lead stars of the series, Lesley-Ann has recently jumped on an exclusive video chat with ET Online to discuss the infinite possibilities of season five.

Theories from the upcoming season have ranged from love triangles to a bloody war between heaven and hell, but Lesley-Ann confirmed one scenario fans shouldn’t count on.

During the interview, the star addressed the possibility of sparks flying once more between the demonic Maze and her fallen angel companion, Lucifer. 

Lesley-Ann shot down the theory and said: “No. I think that’s fair to say, no.”

Maze has always been keen to return to her domain in the underworld, but with Lucifer reclaiming his throne without her knowledge in the season finale, fans have speculated his actions could ignite a rivalry between the two best friends.

While a romance seems to be off the cards, the star stoked the flames by adding more fuel to fans’ predictions for how Maze’s friendship with Lucifer will develop over the course of season five.

She continued: “I think what you will appreciate, at the end of that, is you have the angel and the demon — which, by default, they’re supposed to be on opposing sides, right?”

Lucifer and Maze have flirted with a relationship in the past but, ultimately, the angel and demon are too diametrically opposed to end up together for good.

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But that hasn’t stopped Lesley-Ann dropping some tantalising hints for huge moments between Maze and Lucifer to come in the next season.

Finally, she added: “I think the thing to remember about this is that they are forever connected. Forever. They have experienced so much.

“There’s a really fun scene which is kind of heartbreaking too, but fun for the fans who are the purists who wanted to see those two, Maze and Lucifer, be the old-school versions of themselves.”

As well as the usual heartbreak, drama and intense action fans have come to expect from the series, Lucifer fans are also anticipating musical and noir-themed episodes for season five.

Originally considered to be Lucifer’s final season, Tom Ellis has signed on for new episodes if Netflix decides to renew the series.

Once season five finally surfaces, it will be up to ‘Lucifans’ to keep the hype going and hopefully ensure the confirmation of a sixth season.

No release date has been announced for season five, but news is expected to drop once the pandemic has ceased and the cast and crew can finish filming the season finale.

Lucifer season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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