Love Letter: From Worst to Best Date Ever

Love Letter: From Worst to Best Date Ever

While dating sites and apps can be convenient ways to meet a special someone, many singles find that the road to love is often laden with potholes and pitfalls. In this week’s Modern Love essay, Bonnie Altuchers recalls a lukewarm date with a man she spotted on Bumble, whom she was determined not to revisit after their underwhelming first encounter.

But, when he asked for a second date, Ms. Altuchers agreed, in hopes that their chemistry would improve. What she didn’t know was that this second date was also a reunion with her worst date from 24 years earlier.

For Hailey Moore and Kristopher Hansen, nothing says “till death do us part” like exchanging vows 2,000 feet above the Colorado River in Moab, Utah. The couple, who met in 2019 at a Java Hutt Cafe in Roanoke, Va., said their adventurous elopement was in keeping with their relationship, which has always had a “spontaneous, over-the-top and intimate” vibe to it.

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