Lena Dunham Says Moving To Wales Helped Her Heal ‘A Broken Heart’

Lena Dunham Says Moving To Wales Helped Her Heal ‘A Broken Heart’

Lena Dunham is doing her best to recover from a broken heart. 

For her, that process has involved a major move: The “Girls” actor is living in Wales while filming a new project, an experience that she has found very healing. 

The actor and author joked during an appearance on the “The Jonathan Ross Show” on Saturday night that the Welsh countryside made her feel like she was an English novelist. 

“It was so cozy, there were sheep all around us. I’m from New York City. I’ve never even been above 14th street. Suddenly I’m in Wales sitting in a turret in a little castle like I’m freaking Charlotte Brontë,” Dunham said to laughs from the audience. “The whole thing was so romantic. I was recovering from a broken heart. So that’s where you go.” 

The “Not That Kind of Girl” writer split from her longtime boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff, in December 2017 after five years of dating. Since their split, Antonoff has been linked to model and photographer Carlotta Kohl.

Dunham said in her interview with Ross that she’s tried dating during her stay in the U.K., but that being sober has brought some challenges.

“Here’s the thing that I’m finding about dating here. I love England, love the culture, love the people. I’m sober, it’s a choice, and I would say sober dating in the U.K. is a roughie,” she said.

“I mean ― it was easy to find guys when I would drink ’cause I would drink a lot, go over to their house, throw up and then they would have to let me stay. But in Wales when I was being a polite woman of dignity and grace, much more challenging.”

Last year, Dunham revealed on Dax Shepard’s podcast, “Armchair Expert,” that she misused pills for three years and was now sober.

“My particular passion was Klonopin,” she said. “There were a solid three years where I was ― to put it lightly ― misusing benzos, even though it was all, quote unquote, doctor prescribed.”

“Nobody I know who is prescribed these medications is told, ‘By the way, when you try and get off this, it’s going to be like the most hellacious acid trip you’ve ever had where you’re fucking clutching the walls and the hair is blowing off your head and you can’t believe you found yourself in this situation,’” she said.

Need help with substance abuse or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.

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