James Martin Saturday Morning: The perfect roast potatoes

James Martin Saturday Morning: The perfect roast potatoes

A Sunday roast would not be the same without potatoes, especially roasted ones. Janice from Scotland called into James Martin’s show this morning to ask the chef how to make the perfect roast potatoes.

James then shook the potatoes in the colander and showed viewers how the edges had broken, revealing that the potatoes were properly cooked.

For best results, James recommended using dripping or lard for the roast potatoes.

He explained that the potatoes do not taste the same if cooked in vegetable oil, though some chefs do use it.

Most importantly, James advised against using olive oil as it would burn.

James then showed viewers the roast potatoes that he had already prepared before the start of the show.

They were lightly browned, crispy, and looked delicious.

James has many Sunday lunch recipes on his website, including roast chicken, beef cheeks, and lamb chops.

The chef has also shared how to perfect the accompaniments to your Sunday centrepiece, such as the Yorkshire puddings, the various vegetables, and the gravy.

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