Hurricane Dorian leaves flooding, destruction in its wake | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian leaves flooding, destruction in its wake | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian howled over North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Friday, lashing the low-lying barrier islands as a weakened Category 1 storm, and made landfall over Cape Hatteras.
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Flooding on the Outer Banks had some residents seeking refuge in their attics. Hundreds were feared trapped by high water, and neighbors used boats to rescue one another.

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  1. barock Obama

    ITS amazing how something REALLY bad HAPPENS an ALL THIS FAKE love an prayers and ITS the same RACIST PEOPLE THAT pushed HATRED to go RIGHT BACK to the RACIST BEHAVIOR 3 weeks FROM now. One day SOON GOD is GONNA put a bad storm to cover up AMERICA at the same time CAUSE ALL we do is HATE kill DESTROY an THIS is the bad energy that we HAVE put forth just KEEP playing with God AMERICA 🤔🤔

  2. Vincent Vega

    Think about this, these storms are becoming more powerful and able to seemingly slow to a stop in the best possible locations in order to inflict maximum damage and either maintain their strength or in some cases strengthen.
    This literally seems to be out of nature’s control but lead by man himself. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but these storms are pointing to being weaponized.

  3. Eddie Jones

    Is it a coincidence that the Bahamas and the coast of South Carolina(Gullah Geeche culture) have been battered? Both are inhabited by historic black cultures , and both have been under pressure to sell their land for further development, by the large development conglamerants. Now they'll have no choice. I find it very strange how the hurricane system sat in one place and destroyed the Bahamas, before 'steering' itself up the coast of the Carolinas. It's a fact that weather can be weaponized. Haiti, Puerto Rico?…destroyed. Something evil is afoot.

  4. jimmy box

    Bahamas got worst aftermath i have ever seen from hurricane. I lived in Homestead, FL when eye of Hurricane Andrew crossed over it only lasted 8 hours give or take a hour. I can't imagine going through same strength storm for 48 hours the Bahamas did maybe even stronger strom than Andrew. now at 43 deaths in Bahamas expected to go much higher. People never be found washed out to sea all the destruction take years to recover. The Carolinas had deaths and destruction. Now the East coast of Canada will be affected from Dorian category 2 storm. My prayers go there everybody affected by Hurricane Dorian

  5. jacqueline walker

    USUALLY it a storm here and there. Why is it just this one storm, thats running free???? up the coast. They been saying they want the east coast. They just didn't say how they were going to do it. (?) they had the focus on New York. they made movie about it. I have not seen a movie that added a storm that goes up the whole coast all the way into Canada. ( there doing all they can. to make sure. Trump don't become the president again.

  6. Suriabumichandran Naidu

    Spend your "money" for wars, and creating
    wars by arming your so called "moderate terrorist". Only leaving behind so many countries in destruction and death!


    IT WON'T BE LONG!!!!

    FO, FO, FO, FO.
    4444 4444

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