How to space your vegetables for planting

How to space your vegetables for planting

Gardeners interested in growing a bumper crop of vegetables this summer should start now. Spring and early summer present an ideal combination of conditions for cultivation. But budding harvesters will need to treat their crops with care, as some simple details, such as spacing, can ruin the whole process.

How to space vegetables for planting

Vegetables, like all other plants, rely on a root system to grow before harvest.

They also require appropriate depth to germinate as well, as otherwise, they risk exposure to insects or birds.

Roots grow around the plant’s vicinity and reach out and find nutrients and water, for which they need appropriate space.

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If gardeners find they accidentally crammed the soil, there is still time to correct their mistake.

They can move germinating seeds to areas where others weren’t so lucky.

If this is not the case, people can eat some common garden crops early.

Chard, kale and carrots are all edible before full maturity.

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