Hospital gives update on Santa Clarita high school shooting | USA TODAY

Hospital gives update on Santa Clarita high school shooting | USA TODAY

Henry Mayo Hospital gives up an update on the patients they received following a shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California.

The shooting took place shortly before 8 a.m. at the 2,500-student school about 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Video from the scene showed law enforcement officials swarming the area around the school and multiple victims being wheeled on gurneys from the scene to waiting ambulances.

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  1. Micah S

    Our founding fathers didn't want people defenseless against the government. That's why Jews were so easily rounded up by Hitler, and much more were killed by Stalin and Mao. Plus, we have more guns in the U.S. than people. At this point, banning guns will means, only those willing to illegally obtain them, AKA, criminals, will have them. It's not possible to ban it's impossible to get rid of them in the U.S. For us, the only option is to allow people to not become defenseless victims and allow law abiding citizens to protect themselves with an equal lethal force they will be met with. You can say, maybe just ban semi-auto rifles. But if you've ever shot a rifle and pistol before, you know after 15 yards, for an average shooter, it's pretty hard to hit your target with a pistol unless you take your time and conditions are right. With a rfile, its so much easier to be accurately on target. I would argue that only allowing average shooting skilled citizens to defend themselves with pistols only is more dangerous as it is less accurate. Also, it's harder to accidentally point a rifle to an unintended target than a pistol is due to it's length. The gun laws in California that require you to modify the AR-15 (featureless) makes it more dangerous to use in my opinion as you can't get a secure full grip on the rifle.

  2. Spencer Steffan

    Y’all people are ridiculous talking about how they talk too much… it’s only 31 minutes.. scroll through your Netflix feed and waste your time some more on pointless seasons you’ll binge in a day. This is real, and people have lost their children, you insensitive pricks… oh yeah… there’s a skip button, but maybe you’re too lazy to do that too?

  3. gektor ps

    Criminal.Outlook. Unemployed. 15 years to get an allowance of 850 rubles.Work man 2019.Late.Looking for work is difficult.Protection of the refusal to work 1 day.Not only their jobs and wages .20 000 rubles is not enough.Women will take over the world by 2040.Men die out as slaves in the United States. Women's rights are many in 2040.Men have fewer rights in 2040.Horror.A man kills women in advance.20 years before the extinction of men.Work is not enough.Took the day off.Part-time killer.Detained. Fired from work .No bonus.1-2 corpses .Few.Police work is normal.Fired for 20 .The police kept their jobs and bonuses.

  4. John G

    One question needs to be asked, was bullying involved in this situation. If so there needs to be a zero bullying policy in all our schools. Bullying is a major factor in the violence in our schools. Bullying has to stop or more kids will pay with their lives.

  5. Mmroses Joey

    I think theres a second person in on it who did try to cover up the shooters tracks and blended in. And the off duty police who arrive within "seconds" probably trying to cover up or not mention they stopped the shooter by shooting him. Or the shooter actually shot himself but waited for the people he targeted to be hurt before hurting himself. These are only my theories.

  6. Gamers World

    More security at the school have everone scan and bag check including teachers not only high school ever fucken school!!!!!! That will help i walk into my sister school all the time with a weapon no notice then i try 20 schools around my area just to see how easy it is well no one noticed because lack of security and safety of the school are ridiculous

  7. David Higgins

    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have the bare faced cheek to say on twitter yesterday, "Deputies are on scene everywhere 'protecting' your children". A little bit late for that when you are in the first instance FAILING to stop 16 year old perps from getting Firearms. Very lacking in many areas of Policing.

    Time for folks to realise that even though many cops are hard working and brave, the ingrained brainwashing you've had over the years, the notion of the US having the 'best policing in the World' spouted out by the likes of small time, small minded local radio talk show host, Boston's bellowing bellyaching brainwasher Jeff Kuhner, it is of cause FAR from the case. You HAVEN'T got the best policing in the World, just the false notion of it that will not do the policing for you.

    Just one of many things you've been deceived on. You can all continue to fool yourselves, clinging on to that falsehood out of false pride & sheer collective EGO, but the facts are quite evident, elsewhere we can all see this big big problem you have. And a bigger one of an unwillingness to tackle it.
    You're living up to your necks in utter CRIMINALITY that over the years you've become gradually accustomed to, this great system you think you have that you've adopted of Self Interest & Self Satisfaction above everything & everybody else just doesn't work in all areas of your lives.

    Seen as just a side effect you're all willing to put up with, the proper cost of Policing something you're not willing to pay for, saving yourselves collectively a few bucks each that you fritter away on your modern day shiny glass beads from China.
    The lives of your fellow Americans being wasted for y'all to save a few bucks a year to spend it on some instant self gratification piece of worthless 'tat' from Amazon.. The blood of these innocents also then on the hands of all the tax paying US adults But it is always just the perps fault is it?, because they did it. is that the base mentality?..

    You have to PAY to prevent these types of events, PAY more or keep suffering. But hey!, as long as it's someone else eh!. Except sooner or later, one way or another it'll come looking for you and yours. Don't be such tightwads, PAY now for the proper cost of policing, but that is this freedom malarkey for you, that y'all value so much. Given freedom you don't want to do the things that need to be done in your communities, just the things you want to do. What a mess you've gotten yourselves into.
    Your problems can be rectified, I get the feeling deep down y'all think you don't deserve much better than this, some sort of collective self punishment, time to sort out what is behind the source of that bogus notion many of you hold, once and for all. Just apply this solution to start to fix your problems.

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