Gardening: Monty Don explains how to plant poppies on BBC Gardeners’ World

Gardening: Monty Don explains how to plant poppies on BBC Gardeners’ World

BBC Gardeners’ World had to be rescheduled last week due to the death of HRH Prince Philip. The show aired at 8pm on April 10 and saw Monty Don return with a plethora of gardening tricks and tips. On the show, Monty shared a heartbreaking discovery with viewers after his oriental poppies died.

He continued: “From mid-May through to early June it is the most resplendent thing in the whole of the garden.

“But this time I’m going to start by giving them a really good position to fight the mildew.

“So with the box hedges out I’ve now got space on the edge of the border exposed to the wind and the light – that will be perfect.

“Now as well as positioning them where they’re exposed to plenty of ventilation I’m also going to add some grit into the hole.

He continued: “The jewel garden is essentially symmetrical so I’m going to put another Beauty of Livermere on this corner so that we do get that symmetry and balance.

“Firm that in well just because it likes really good drainage is not a good reason to under water it.

“I’m going to water these in well until they get more established and their roots can get out into the soil.

“These should bulk up over the next year or two until we get really substantial plants that is if the downey mildew doesn’t strike again.”

Gardeners’ World will air on Friday at 9pm on BBC Two

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