Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star refuses ’embarrassing offer’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star refuses ’embarrassing offer’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Carol Kirkwood worked remotely yesterday, reporting the weather forecast from The London Coliseum for BBC Breakfast, it was there she sang for viewers at home. The 56-year-old meteorologist was encouraged to sing by English National Opera’s CEO Stuart Murphy and delivered, although she has no intentions of performing again. On her Twitter account, the TV star shared a picture of herself with Stuart, with the 47-year-old sporting a Red Nose Day nose. A red-haired woman also joined them for the sweet photo, showing her support for Comic Relief’s cause the lady wore the same accessory as Stuart.

Carol, who had the honour of switching the lights on at the opera theatre thanked Stuart and co. for making it possible.

Captioning the photograph of the trio, she told her 151,000 Twitter followers: “These two lovely people made it possible!”

But she did not leave it there and singled out Stuart for roping her into singing on national television earlier in the day.

She quipped: “@stuartmurphy100 (just about forgiven you for making me sing!) and gorgeous Olivia @BBCBreakfast.”

When one of the star’s fans commented on the picture to probe Carol into singing again she flat out refused to do it.

“You were singing and I missed it, will there be a repeat performance?” the person asked, to which she simply replied: “Never.”

Carol previously sang from atop the same building on Valentine’s Day, belting out Lionel Richie’s hit Hello for listeners tuning in on the day.

Once again she was pressured into it, this time by her co-star Naga Munchetty, who told viewers they could expect to hear her sing on the show.

A video shared on the official BBC Breakfast Twitter account showed the radio presenter being quizzed about her apparent performance.

Naga, 43, remarked: “Really looking forward to seeing you in 20 minutes. I understand you are going to sing to us?”

Nervously laughing off the invitation to sing, the broadcaster responded: “I don’t actually remember agreeing to this actually, Naga.”

Trying to bait Carol, a cheeky Naga interjected: “I thought you had. We’ll see what happens in 20 mins. Thanks Carol.”

Later in the show, Naga returned to Carol, with her saying: “Well Carol has been high up in that tower all morning like Rapunzel. We can see her, just, but can we hear her?”

Afterwards, the weather reporter burst into song, spreading her arms as she sang Lionel Richie’s track Hello.

At the end of her performance a shy Carol gasped: “Enough! I can’t sing! I never said I could sing! That was horrendous!”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

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