Anita Hill Worries Female 2020 Candidates Are ‘Not Being Taken Seriously’

Anita Hill Worries Female 2020 Candidates Are ‘Not Being Taken Seriously’

Mr. Biden spoke with Ms. Hill by telephone shortly before he announced his presidential bid, expressing regret for “what she endured” and detailing his admiration for her, his campaign said at the time. But Ms. Hill told The New York Times last month that she was unsatisfied with his message.

“I cannot be satisfied by simply saying, ‘I’m sorry for what happened to you,’” she said at the time. “I will be satisfied when I know that there is real change and real accountability and real purpose.”

Asked on Tuesday what progress she had seen on that front, Ms. Hill stressed that she wanted to see all of the candidates support victims of sexual harassment and assault.

“I don’t know that the Biden campaign is addressing the issue directly, so I can’t say I’ve seen any,” she said. “I’m not even saying that Biden has to be the one to do it, or the only one to do it. I would really like to see all of the candidates address this issue.”

Mr. Biden, for his part, has been heavily involved in an anti-campus sexual assault program called It’s on Us, and he played a leading role in shepherding the passage of the Violence Against Women Act. He continues to discuss the importance of those issues on the campaign trail. But Ms. Hill, who called the Violence Against Women Act “wonderful” and “so important,” said there was more work to do.

Ms. Hill spoke to The Times on Tuesday ahead of the PEN America Literary Gala and Free Expression Awards in New York, where she was presented with an award. At the gala, she reflected on her appearance before the Senate committee.

“In 1991, under the glare of intense political and media scrutiny, I shared more of what it is — the whole experience, the entirety of the experience of being a woman,” she said. “But I was also sharing the experience of what it’s like to be black. And finally, to be a black woman facing sexual harassment.”

She went on to stress that, given the chance to testify all over again, she would.

“I, today, am here to say that I have my voice,” she said.

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