Adele weight loss: Diet plan inspired by Beyonce

Adele weight loss: Diet plan inspired by Beyonce

Adele has lost seven stone in recent months. Rumours about her slimmer frame began in October 2019.

“She has helped her with her own fitness tips, as well as giving her a different outlook on it all, by teaching her to enjoy the work that she’s putting in.”

Adele even used Jay Z and Beyonce’s 2020 Oscars bash as an inspiration to slim down further.

The source added: “The Oscars were her incentive to work hard, so she could show off the amazing results.”

Beyonce has a strict diet plan, and has eliminated many types of food from her diet.

This “London-based friend” told the Sun: “There’s a lot to do with her weight loss that has really changed her life, but it’s so much more than that.

“She’s had a lot of issues with confidence, self-esteem and a constant fear of being judged.

“She’s starting to feel proud of who she is and what she’s achieved. She doesn’t give a toss about hiding anymore. She’s a happy girl and she’s embracing life – big time.”

It has been claimed that Adele’s weight loss was inspired by her son.

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