10 X-Rated Dog Toys That Look Uncomfortably Similar To Sex Toys

10 X-Rated Dog Toys That Look Uncomfortably Similar To Sex Toys

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Dog toys look an awful lot like adult toys. We decided to test whether folks can tell the difference. 

Have you ever noticed that your pup’s favorite chew toy looks an awful lot like, ahem, your favorite toy in your nightstand?

If you haven’t, well, let us be the ones to ruin pet toy shopping for you once and for all. Never again will you be able to watch your poodle play with his favorite Kong chew toy once you realize its uncanny resemblance to a butt plug. And sorry, but that feather teaser your furry friend adores looks just like a “50 Shades Of Grey”-branded feather tickler. Even your pug’s little walking harness could be mistaken for something else.

Dog toys? Or items buried in the bottom of your nightstand? 

Dog toys? Or items buried in the bottom of your nightstand? 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be thinking about spicing things up in the bedroom with a new fun sex toy for yourself or to use with a partner. But how well do you really know those products tucked away in your nightstand?

Most sex toys are made of durable silicone and come in bright colors and bold shapes, from the classic bright pink vibrator to the sleek black plug — and every ribbed, rubbery or feathered design in between. The same qualities, in fact, that most major dog toys also have.

The unfortunate similarities between sex toys and dog toys went viral in December when Twitter users spotted this hilarious exchange between the Netflix US and Petco Twitter accounts:

It got us thinking: How similar are most sex toys and dog toys, and would most people be able to tell the difference between them?

Below, we’ve rounded up several dog toys and sex toys that look uncomfortably similar. Can you tell which ones are which?

Pug play or plug play?

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Left: KONG Extreme Dog Toy from ChewyRight: Beaded Anal Dildo from Lovehoney

Double the heat, double pleasure

Chewy / Amazon

Left: Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Chili Pepper Dog Toy from Chewy
Right: Chili Pepper “Emojibator” Vibe From Amazon

Both of these toys mean business

Chewy / Lovehoney

Left: GoughNuts Stick Dog Toy from ChewyRight: Classic Vibrator from Lovehoney

Afternoon walk or afternoon delight?

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Left: No-Pull Dog Harness And Leash from ChewyRight: Beginners Bondage Kit from Lovehoney

Both of these can tease a kitty

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Left: 2 Feather Wand Cat Toy from ChewyRight: Fetish Fantasy Red Feather Tickler from Lovehoney

Tug of war just got weird


Left: Kong Safestix Dog Toy from PetcoRight: Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand from Amazon

A dinosaur and a rabbit walk into a bar…

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Left: Dino Zoo Chew Dog Toy from ChewyRight: G-Spot Rabbit Vibe from Lovehoney

One for the carry-on, one for the carrier

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Let’s play fetch

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Left: Zwig Dog Toy from ChewyRight: Bender Vibe from Unbound

Fur baby or OH BABY?

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Left: Chew Pacifier Dog Toy from ChewyRight: Vibrating Ring from Lovehoney

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