Why Central Americans are fleeing their countries in migrant caravans

Why Central Americans are fleeing their countries in migrant caravans

Migrant caravans winding their way toward the U.S. are reigniting rhetoric and arguments about immigration and border security. And it’s not the first time.

CÓRDOBA, Mexico — Central Americans walking and hitching rides north in a caravan started reaching Mexico City over the weekend, marking another milestone on their winding odyssey toward the U.S. border as Americans prepare to vote in an election in which the migrants have become unwitting central characters.

The welcome in Mexico’s capital city has been a warm one, as the local government has turned a sports complex into a shelter to accommodate more than 5,000 weary migrants, who for three weeks have endured sore feet, sickness and downpours, and survived on guile and the generosity of Mexicans of modest means.

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