What’s on TV Saturday: ‘I Used to Go Here’ and Monster Trucks

What’s on TV Saturday: ‘I Used to Go Here’ and Monster Trucks

I USED TO GO HERE (2020) Rent or buy on iTunes and other streaming platforms and pay TV operators. The “Community” star Gillian Jacobs heads back to college in this indie comedy from the director Kris Rey. Jacobs plays a 30-something writer named Kate who returns to her alma mater following a breakup and disappointing reviews of her first novel. The homecoming is spurred by an invitation from Kate’s former writing professor (and crush), played by Jemaine Clement, who asks her to read from her book. The return to campus life allows Kate to revisit a time when feeling adrift wasn’t so terrifying.

TREAD (2019) Stream on Netflix. In June 2004, a man named Marvin Heemeyer embarked on a vengeful rampage in the small Colorado town of Granby in a modified bulldozer, which he fortified with steel and concrete and mounted with automatic weapons. Though no one was hurt, Heemeyer used the makeshift tank to demolish 13 buildings in the town, before killing himself inside the vehicle — all over a zoning dispute. This documentary revisits the grievances Heemeyer raised (through recordings he made before the attack), and allows community members an opportunity to respond. The documentary culminates in a look at the devastation Heeymeyer brought to Granby in an act that has made him somewhat of a folk hero among antigovernment extremists.

LA LLORONA (2019) Stream on Shudder. The weeping woman from Latin American folklore is back in this Guatemalan horror film from the director Jayro Bustamante, who “uses the sins of the bourgeoisie to explore the ghastly history of a country,” Manohla Dargis wrote in her New York Times review. The haunting takes shape around the family of a retired general who stands trial for war crimes during the Guatemalan Civil War. Soon after he’s acquitted, a Kaqchikel woman joins his household as a new maid, carrying a devastating history and a need for revenge.

DIESEL BROTHERS: MONSTER JAM BREAKING WORLD RECORDS 8 p.m. on Discovery. Discovery’s monster truck enthusiasts will host this three-hour event, in which drivers will attempt incredible stunts and try to break Guinness world records. Monster Jam drivers, including Todd LeDuc and the siblings Adam and Krysten Anderson, will attempt seven stunts involving ramp jumps, nose wheelies and double back flips.

LICENSE TO KILL 7 p.m. on Oxygen. It’s hard to think of something more unnerving than an inept — or, worse, malicious — medical professional preying on vulnerable, trusting patients. This series features an alarming number of these cautionary tales, focusing on the crimes of physicians, nurses and hospital staff members, among other health care professionals. The Season 2 premiere tells the story of Dr. Anthony Pignataro, a New York-based plastic surgeon who falsified his credentials, harmed patients during routine cosmetic surgeries and was charged in the death of a patient who was undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

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