What Rappers Wore to the Genius Barbecue Concert in Brooklyn

What Rappers Wore to the Genius Barbecue Concert in Brooklyn

Genius, the media company that is the online repository of annotated song lyrics, held a barbecue concert at its Brooklyn headquarters earlier this fall, featuring some of the buzziest names in hip-hop.

While Doja Cat performed, other acts, including Lil Tjay and Young Baby Tate, hung out at the loftlike offices near the Gowanus Canal, mingling with the company’s young founders. Here’s what they wore.

Age: 24

Occupation: rapper and music producer

Your outfit has a lot of checks and yellow.

This is a Fashion Nova piece. I thought, for Genius, why not? Because it’s yellow and black.

The earrings are not small.

I wish I wore the bigger ones. These are Tanaya Henry. She does beautiful jeweled pieces like this, and bodysuits out of chain mail.

What does it say around your neck?

It says “Nasty.”

And are you?

I kind of am.

Age: 35

Occupation: co-founder and president, Genius

You’re wandering around in flip-flops and socks.

I just found slides a couple years ago. I always want to wear them the most, and I just rolled in.

This looks like a very comfy flannel shirt.

Iro. It’s really soft.

Tell me about your pants.

These are joggers from a discontinued brand called Jack Threads. I knew the guy who owned it, and he sent me a gift certificate and I had to buy something. And I bought these pants and proceeded to wear them six million times. I make fun of these pants, and I get made fun of for wearing these pants. I’m wearing them. I’m not proud of it.

Is this what you wear to work?

I have a variety of things I wear: T-shirt and jeans, Nikes and Reeboks.

Age: 30

Occupation: senior correspondent for “Genius News

You’re an on-air star.

I’m a reporter, just like you.

You seem a lot cooler than me. You literally have a razor blade hanging from your ear.

Fair. Shout out to Johnny Nelson Jewelry. He makes black-inspired jewelry: Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela.

What’s black-inspired about the razor blade?

This is just fire.

You’re wearing a Carly Rae Jepsen T-shirt.

I love Carly Rae Jepsen. I saw her show back in July — that’s where I got this — and it felt like group catharsis.

What’s on your feet.

These are Rick Owens Ramones. Rap carries fashion trends like a bee carries pollen. A lot of these things weren’t thought of with us in mind. To see what artists like Pyer Moss are doing, reclaiming the space for black faces and black bodies … me wearing stuff like this makes me feel like, Yeah, I’m here: I’m a young black man and I wear Rick Owens.

Age: 35

Occupation: co-founder and chief executive, Genius

The colorful sweater and your big hair — you look like a delightful clown.

The hair is a bit of an issue. I’ve been told it’s a distraction. These jeans are just very classic Levi’s. On top I’m wearing a recycled cashmere sweater from a company, Tricot, I started with my friend Rémi. It means “sweater” in French.

What does the tongue on your sneakers say?

It says, “Have a Nike day.”

Why did you pick them?

I love Air Maxes. I like to say, “The only thing missing in an Air Max is a good insert.” In this particular case I was really taken with the color scheme.

Tell me about your large camera.

This is a Pentax 6-by-7 medium-format camera. I have it for my hipster cred. It has this nice wood grain handle, and it’s totally manual.

If your company goes bankrupt, it’s stuff like this that they’re going to point to.

Personal expense.

Age: 23

Occupation: rapper and music producer

Oh my, is that a stuffed-animal backpack?

Yes it is. It’s like a rainbow cheetah.

Is that your spirit animal?

Honestly, yes. This is me. I just love anything rainbow, and this reminded me of Lisa Frank. I love her. Sometimes I call myself Lisa Frank Lauryn Hill.

Those earrings are something else.

This was actually custom made for me by a woman in New York, J. Papa.

Tell me about your boots.

I love a little bobo boot. I don’t like to wear heels when I perform because I’d probably fall and break my neck.

Would you call your top a bustier?

A bustier or a corset. I’m not sure what the difference is. I found this at a little store in Little Five Points in Atlanta. It’s sexy but it’s still cute.

Age: 23

Occupation: producer and correspondent on “Genius News”

Nice jump pants.

I got them from Asos or something. I love a good baggy pant, tight top combo.

What is it about that silhouette?

I love Aaliyah.

I was going to say the Fresh Prince.

I love Fresh Prince. But I like being comfortable at work and, aah, relaxed from the waist down. And then I have a ton of crop tops and tube tops. And then jewelry to accentuate my clavicle area.

Very specific. And hoops.

I always wear hoops. I feel like I always have big hair, up in an Afro puff or an Afro. Big hoop, big hair.

Everybody here has such styling shoes.

These Adidas are not too chunky, like the Filas everyone has. And I’ve never seen anyone with this colorway.

Age: 18

Occupation: rapper

Let’s start with your chain.

My chain comes from Izzy the jeweler. I’m happy with his work. I love my chain. Two-toned Cuban-linked. White gold. Yellow gold. Prone set. With nice diamonds.

It has a dollar sign with a “B” in the middle.

SB. That’s my team.

What kind of jeans do you like?

The kind I have on now are called Kasubi. I like Amiri jeans. Off-White — I like them too.

And you’ve got the big Dolce & Gabbana sneakers.

It’s just for today. I’m not even saying I’m like a big fan. Not one of my favorites.

What’s one of your favorites?

I love Jordans. It’s not a step-out fashion designer shoe, but that’s my comfortable shoe.

Age: 25

Occupation: sales assistant, Genius

Tell me about your furry hat.

I got it at Urban Outfitters. I threw it on and I was like, “Damn, I look cute.”

Your hoops are ovular.

I got these at a beauty supply store in Chinatown. I was drawn to the shape. It’s like a little raindrop.

You mentioned that you are proud of your shirt.

It’s by a designer, Barragán, and he is a Mexican designer based in Brooklyn. I’m so proud to rep for my community, always. The chain comes with the shirt.

Destiny Rogers just stopped her entire entourage to compliment your shoes.

These are retro Jordans, limited-edition women’s. Women are taking up more space in street wear. They’re fuzzy. I don’t think this is real fur.

Something tells me it’s not.

And I wouldn’t want to wear an animal. I reminds me of a cute little panda.

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