Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘Groundhog Day’ Together!

Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘Groundhog Day’ Together!

What day is it? A lot of us are having trouble with that very basic question, since every day just seems to repeat the one before, from the moment the alarm clock goes off. Is this an elaborate existential joke, or some kind of moral test? Are we in a movie? Is it “Groundhog Day”? How many times have we seen that one? Maybe it’s time to see it again.

So, what day is it? It’s Thursday (or maybe Friday?), an ideal time for your Weekend Watch. After all, you are at home, we are at home. The last time we virtually assembled it was for “His Girl Friday,” a classic Hollywood screwball. It’s a perfect companion to “Groundhog Day” (1993), a wittily modernized screwball from Harold Ramis about a weather reporter, Phil (Bill Murray), who becomes stuck in a surreal time loop that causes him to relive the same day. He wakes up in the same room, sees the same view and relives a day that looks much the same yet is different. Sound familiar?

What day is it? It was Feb. 12, 1993, when Janet Maslin, reviewing “Groundhog Day” in The New York Times, called it “half Capra and half Kafka,” which sounds about right for whatever day it is now. The movie itself is about getting things right, about the joy and terror of repetition, about how practice makes perfect. It seems like a perfect movie to watch right now.

To ask what day it is, after all, is to question reality itself. “Groundhog Day” isn’t just a very funny comedy, it is also a philosophical funhouse that inspires deep thoughts amid guffaws. And a rich source of memes. It’s one of those movies that seems as if it’s been around forever. Does it live up to repeat watching? Is this the quintessential Bill Murray vehicle? Are we the only ones who wish Andie MacDowell — who plays Phil’s news producer and love interest — had been in many, many more movies? Has anyone really seen it for the first time?

There’s no day like today! We look forward to hearing your thoughts. The film is streaming on Netflix, or you can rent or buy it on Amazon, FandangoNow, iTunes, Vudu and YouTube. Please check it out and after you have, let us know what you think in the comments section below. The cutoff for feedback is 6 p.m. Eastern time on Monday. We’ll return with our reactions to your comments on Tuesday. Have fun, talk soon, be safe. (What day is it again?)

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