Uber Eats offering customers 50% off takeaways in generous new deal – how to claim

Uber Eats offering customers 50% off takeaways in generous new deal – how to claim

When ordering takeaways, Britons will often turn to popular food ordering apps like Uber Eats. However, ordering online can also be expensive with the likes of service and delivery charges being added to the total. In a latest deal shared on hotukdeals.com, Britons can get their take out for half price.

Another wrote: “Worked for me – thanks for sharing.”

A third commented: “This worked for me. A local Sainsbury’s is also on Uber Eats and works with this offer too. Even with the service and delivery fee, it works out well.”

However according to others, some restaurants weren’t eligible for the discount and suggested trying various different food outlets to see where the discount can be applied. 

Customers must be quick to use the code as it expires in one week, on March 7 and is available for both new and existing customers.

To qualify for the offer, customers need to spend £15 or more when offering food. 

This means that with the £10 off code, you could get your takeaway for just £5.

There are more than 140,000 takeaways and restaurants on the app to choose from as well as being able to spend the money on groceries too.

The code WEGETFOOD can be put into the promo area of the app where the discount will be deducted from the order. 

Just Eat is also offering free delivery on McDonald’s for its customers who live in London.

Those in the capital can get their food delivered completely free of charge providing they spend a minimum order of £5.

The saving can be made up until March 31 and is unlimited, so Britons can order on the app as many times as they like before that date.

Those outside of London can still order takeaways, for as little as £1.99 delivery.

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