U.S. troops treated for injuries after Iran attack | USA TODAY

U.S. troops treated for injuries after Iran attack | USA TODAY

U.S. troops treated for ‘concussion symptoms’ after Iran missile attack.
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U.S. Central Command reported that several U.S. service members were actually assessed for concussions after the missile blasts.

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  1. petra bach

    Trump is to blame for sending them out darn fool.
    And don't you dare blame others
    Leave Iran and Iraq alone and remove your camps from there .
    What is your purpose in the middle east why are you there ?????

  2. trail mark

    All I hear talk about is how much better the country is with all the money it is making. All Donald Trump really did was to roll back regulations so the greedy won't get caught doing what they do. It takes a real genius to figure this out.

  3. melanie zirixa

    More than 99% if the time casualties means those that are dead. So when he said no casualties he more than likely meant no one died. Does not exactly mean that there were no injuries. Which I expected there would be some injuries.

  4. ikm64

    No hold on a sec…what he tweeted was "All is well"
    So you can interpret that in only two possible ways
    1 He was miss informed
    2 11 injured soldiers is… well OK
    For the commander in chief to say such a thing…
    He is not what he makes himself out to be…..

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