Trevor Noah Calls Out Trump’s Totally Calm Twitter Tantrum

Trevor Noah Calls Out Trump’s Totally Calm Twitter Tantrum

“So according to Chuck and Nancy, Trump came into the meeting and completely acted the fool. But according to Trump’s calm Twitter rant this morning, he was chill for the whole three minutes and when he stormed out, it was in a relaxed and graceful fashion.” — TREVOR NOAH

“Well, just for the record, he denies having a temper tantrum by having a temper tantrum.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Pelosi responded by telling reporters she’d be praying for Trump and that she is hoping someone close to him might hold an intervention.

“I feel like Nancy Pelosi has been spending a bunch of time with Maxine Waters because now every time she patronizes Trump, she seems more and more like a black auntie. Have you felt that vibe? Yeah, because first she gave Trump the sideways clap, and now she’s praying for him? That’s the blackest thing ever. [Imitating an older woman] ‘Lord, this crazy man needs Jesus! Mm-mm-mm! He needs Jesus!’” — TREVOR NOAH

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, today, called President Trump’s behavior villainous and said that he is, quote, ‘crying out for impeachment.’ And then she said the Democrats are not on the road to impeachment. Then she said the president’s family should hold an intervention for him. Which is it, Nancy? This is usually the part where the waiter says, ‘Do you need a few more minutes?’” — SETH MEYERS

Trump will be heading to Japan on a four-day trip over the Memorial Day weekend, which Jimmy Fallon joked was “part of his plan to get as far away as possible from Nancy Pelosi.”

“I don’t like it when he leaves the country. It makes me nervous. It’s like being at your wedding and watching your drunken uncle hit on your friends.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Remember that time President Bush puked on the Japanese prime minister? That’s about to become the second most embarrassing thing a president has ever done in Japan.” — JIMMY KIMMEL, referring to President Trump’s plan to present a “Trump Cup” award at the national sumo finals in Japan

“Normally, people sitting ringside for a sumo match are in boxed areas with something called Japanese zabuton mattresses, but putting in chairs was being considered to accommodate Trump, possibly because of Trump’s rumored history with mattresses.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“And after that, if he wants to see two men fighting in diapers, he’ll just watch Bernie Sanders debate Joe Biden.” — JIMMY FALLON

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