This little boy's best friend is a mailman

This little boy's best friend is a mailman

In matching outfits, four-year-old Carter and his buddy ‘Postman Mike’ go around the neighborhood delivering mail.

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  1. Maximo Asante

    imaging losing your package, you got pent up anger you are about to release out on the next delivery man then he shows up to your door with this kid in training…..then you feel embarrassed and promise to scream at the postman another day lol.

  2. Feddy blade

    What i love about kids is that they just see things the way they are. They dont see money, salary, stuff like that. This kid sees the mailman as a helpful person for others. So he wants to be like him.

  3. Adrianna Vellon

    Even for the short time that they have a think it's amazing how goes the barn and hang out together then that person man is so sweet and so kind and generous and letting a kid help out and also I have to say is that when you more Mail ladies and men like that because I am ugly you bring in my mail and she's kind of a jackal about it and she didn't tell me you have a lemon line and tell me I don't have a service dog and when you made out what's up with dogs and also are you trying to tell me she has told me that One long about service dogs maybe you should go online and look up service dogs and what they are a post to deal with another post to do and how they can help people and how they don't help people and things like that and I said I have made my also it is then I have I said are you can't and you help in that way when I get help is what time is it otherwise I'll be in the winter and I don't want to do that so is my choice not yours leave me alone and you know what I want to read it I'm not because what if drop something oh and then I want to walk with my dog behind my live and no one has ever said anything to me and I go pepper got my speed limit sign peppermint go find your snap so I am not doing thing I just said I got my speed limit sign and I touch it like I don't jump up I don't give anything to me and then also she snapped at me saiddon't cuss at me I don't want to be one every wish you could tell me how to live my life and among the youth who hurt who is like is everything OK I was like yeah you're merely uses she's not my nail lady and I said I don't way I think she find my knowledge it because my mom said that she would take it anyway

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