This is how El Paso sees Beto O'Rourke | USA TODAY

This is how El Paso sees Beto O'Rourke | USA TODAY

The El Paso native has fought President Trump’s negative portrayal of the border city, but what do residents really think of their hometown presidential hopeful?
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Across El Paso, O’Rourke is widely considered a beloved celebrity, the hometown rocker-turned-presidential-hopeful who has fought President Donald Trump’s negative portrayal of his border city, heralded immigrants’ rights and stood by residents after last month’s deadly mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart.

But to some here, O’Rourke is remembered as someone who sided with developers while on the City Council and was ready to displace dozens of Latino residents in the name of redevelopment – a far cry from the progressive persona he exudes on the campaign trail. Others say he has simply lost some of the sheen he radiated when he ran against Republican incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz last year.

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  1. Wesley Cooper

    Beta male, nothing but a gungrabbing joke. His wife probably wears a strap on and gives it to him good and hard every night. He has about a snowballs chance in hell of winning a statewide election in Texas now. He may be able to move to Austin and run for Mayor.

  2. Shar Bear926

    Anyone criticizing Beto needs to take a long, hard look at the current POTUS. I’ll take Congressman O’Rourke ANY DAY. Not only in lieu of Trump, but every other 🐱 too scared to do the right thing.

  3. I Smell Fresh Cash

    I am from El Paso, born and raised. Many people in El Paso think Beto it's nothing more then a politician. All talk no action. He has done NOTHING for El Paso except try and take advantage of the less fortunate to make himself rich. He's really not a good person and many don't support him here on El Paso.

  4. Teresa Pitts

    What the hell Texas, your being brain washed by this man. Do you people in Texas really believe this man cares about you and you don't even see it. He is another globalist wanting to rule over the masses. Look at Cuba, Vensuala ask these citizens what they think of socialism? You say good bye freedom of speech hell good bye to freedom all together. Say good bye to owning a home, a car because under socialism you can't own property, a car. They will own YOU!! Look back at history when Hitler disarmed the citizens and we all know what happened there. First the second amendment, next the first amendment will go. No more protesting, and for sure you your civil liberties. Say hello to bread lines, and being put on a waiting list to see a Dr.
    Socialism is one step closer to total control by a dictator.
    In case some of you who don't know history it's where the poor become poorer and the middle class will be the new poor. Socialism doesn't work history proves this. And if your still not convinced then how about the thousands of citizens who were murdered under dictatorship
    Our founding fathers were wise because they forseen the government getting to big and powerful, That is the purpose of the second amendment so the citizens can protect themselves from a huge and over reaching totalitarian style government. Well when wake one and we no longer have our freedoms don't go crying about. Because this man is a wolf in sheep's clothing. If all our guns were taken away tomorrow that will not stop crime in fact it will triple because the bad guys know the citizens are no longer armed and therefore the citizens will be defenceless and will no longer be able to protect ourselves. But I can tell you this it's going to make a lot of criminals really happy because now law BIDING will be like sitting ducks. So question how can you people that's supporting this man be this blind?

  5. Kevin Abate

    I lay down at night PRAYING he gets the Dem nomination… Can you imagine what Trump would do to him on a televised debate??! He won't get it but it's fun to imagine….

  6. SkylineGTRx

    He should go live in Mexico, where I'm sure he will live his life peacefully and his family would be treated with the up most respect by the Mexicans and their very very enriched culture he so wants to have the U.S. flooded with.

  7. Sub MOA

    I was going to write something negative about Robert, but then I read the comments and realized that I’m not needed here. God bless Texas!

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