'They are human beings': Cummings yells at acting DHS chief | USA TODAY

'They are human beings': Cummings yells at acting DHS chief | USA TODAY

Rep. Elijah Cummings blasts acting DHS chief over detention facilities

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The hearing held by House Democrats targeted Trump administration’s immigration policies and the rapidly deteriorating conditions in detention centers.

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  1. Mary Allen

    And so are the many homeless Americans living on the streets in our country.
    Where is the concern for them and their suffering. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  2. Karen Oller

    You're a little too late Cummings. Your Party refused to change immigration laws because your party said we didn't have a crisis at the border. Suddenly you are funding money to this cause. You're party is responsible. You were so focused on Trump that you neglected the important things that matter. Shame on you and your party!

  3. peckaro 1

    Um this wouldnt happen if i dont know if they didnt illegally come here maybe they should fix there shit then there children wouldn't be in filth you wont be treated like flith if u weren't filth us americans stood up when commies kicked out the french we stood after 9 11 we stood up after the almo and other people from differ countries think they can come in living in america is not a natural right of man nor women it is of the soldiers children who defend thus great nation we deserve to close our boarders for what we not only did for our country but others most would be fascist or if hitler would of lost any way they would be learning about communist and starving therefore we have right to kick illegals out

  4. Jim Carter

    Why doesn't this man lay the blame where it belongs, and that is with parents that put the children in a very dangerous situation. In America that act would likely involve social services becoming involved. I get sick of these self righteous people yelling when they voted 5 times to provide 0 relief to these people. Then turn and jump on the heroes trying to balance protecting the USA, while helping these people as much as possible. This man needs to adopt 5 or 6. He can afford it. Hypocrites is all they are, looking for power from never ending migrant loyalty. Why don't they just admit that is what they want. Then they can turn America into a similar 3rd world sh*thole like what these people came from. But of course, they get to be in charge with all the permanent benefits of dictators. That is until some future generation decides they have had enough and hangs them all.

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