The Pink-Haired Skater Hyped by Frank Ocean

The Pink-Haired Skater Hyped by Frank Ocean

Name: Evan Mock

Age: 22

Hometown: Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Now Lives: In Oahu with his family and in New York City, in a two-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side that he shares with a friend.

Claim to Fame: First known as a surfer and skater with a daredevil streak, Mr. Mock became a catwalk regular last year when he modeled in shows for Louis Vuitton and Alyx. He has since graduated to influencer status, as evidenced by his sizable Instagram following and paid invitations to attend buzzy happenings. This season he was front row at Prada, Off-White, Dior, Loewe and Lanvin, and attended parties for a new Ugg shoe and GQ magazine. “I never in my life had the opportunity to go to events and get paid for it,” Mr. Mock said. “How ridiculous is that? It’s such a funny thing, like, you want me there that bad?”

Big Break: About a year ago, Mr. Mock went skating in Oahu with the artist Tom Sachs, whom he met through mutual surfing friends. Mr. Sachs took a shine to Mr. Mock’s new neon-pink buzz cut and asked if he could shoot a quick video for his friend Frank, who had a similar hairstyle. Turns out, he was referring to Frank Ocean. The next morning, Mr. Ocean posted the video on his Instagram with a 👋 emoji followed by “@evanmock.” The video has been viewed more than 2.3 million times, and Mr. Mock’s social media following took off.

Latest Project: Mr. Mock’s nascent modeling career may pay the bills (he recently appeared in ad campaigns for Aldo and Paco Rabanne fragrances), but he’s not limiting himself to being just another pretty face. Last year, he started a direct-to-consumer streetwear label called Sorry in Advance. And he was hired by Saint Laurent to cast, photograph and direct an advertisement for the brand’s skate-inspired Venice sneaker.

Next Thing: He is collaborating with Drew House, Justin Bieber’s smiley-face streetwear line, on a collection timed for Coachella. He is also looking to organize his photography into a book. “I just want to put something out there, for people to see, because there’s so much that’s been going on in my life,” Mr. Mock said. “Like a photo journal.”

Clothes Horse: Mr. Mock has an eye for fashion, long before he became a model. “I used to think skinny jeans were sick, so I was buying women’s jeans from Ross because I couldn’t find any men’s jeans that were tight enough,” he said. “Now I like them baggy.” He’s also fine with going shirtless. “In my most natural form, I’d be wearing, like, board shorts, house slippers and no shirt, walking around at the supermarket.”

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