The Future Teen Stars of America Live on TikTok

The Future Teen Stars of America Live on TikTok

The company’s revenue — projected to be $10 million this year — comes largely from branded content. (Kyra TV also raised $7.3 million in venture capital funding this year, said Devran Karaca, a founder who handles business and operations for the company.)

In 2018 the company won a Digiday Award for best brand partnership for an episode of “PAQ” promoting Converse Fastbreak sneakers. In the 12-minute episode, Converse emails the show’s four hosts to create a “commercial” for the new sneakers. The four young men set about shopping for outfits and scouting locations. The end result is goofy but fun: At one point during the ad (within an ad) one of the hosts drinks champagne out of the sneaker.

While the company’s headquarters will remain in London, it hopes the Los Angeles branch will give it more access to the connections and resources it needs to dominate the 12-to-20-year-old media market.

“All of the biggest creators are here, all of the opportunities are here,” Mr. Cadwallader said. “If I was an alien looking down on planet Earth with no understanding of the complexities of it, I would probably say this is the place you need to be.”

For Mr. Eubanks, the move to Los Angeles is a bit of a fresh start.

Toward the end of last year, he went through what he called his “lowest low that I’ve ever gone to mentally.” His relationship with his parents, divorced and both remarried, was strained; he didn’t like his job; his older brother Damon, his closest family member, had joined the Marines and was leaving for basic training; kids at school mocked him; and he was dealing with anxiety and self-hate.

On TikTok, though, he could explore his personal style and develop his sense of humor.

“For the most part in person, people still weren’t a fan of me, but my fans would reassure me that they do like what I’m doing and so I didn’t care what everyone else was saying and it felt nice,” Mr. Eubanks said. “I was thriving. I was doing what I wanted to, and people were enjoying it. There’s no better feeling than that.”

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