The Boys Return to Their Comic Book Roots

The Boys Return to Their Comic Book Roots

“The Boys,” the series about corrupt superheroes which premiered on Amazon Prime TV last year, is returning for a second season later this year. Before that, however, the characters will return in a comic book mini-series, The Boys: Dear Becky, beginning in April.

The Amazon show is based on the comic book series The Boys, which ran from 2006-2012 and was created by the writer Garth Ennis and the artist Darick Robertson.

Dear Becky, which will be published by Dynamite Entertainment, takes place 12 years after the original comic book series concluded, and it will delve into the characters’ pasts. Featured prominently will be Becky Butcher, the wife of Billy Butcher, who was at the core of the conflict with the rogue hero Homelander.

“There was one character I always felt never got a fair shake: Becky Butcher,” Ennis said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “Butcher’s wife was someone I enjoyed writing. She was only in two issues of the comics, but cast a very long shadow. Her fate ties into all of Butcher’s actions.”

The Boys: Dear Becky will be drawn by Russ Braun. The story will be written by Ennis and have covers by Robertson.

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