The Best Online Vintage Furniture Shops To Bookmark

The Best Online Vintage Furniture Shops To Bookmark

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Here’s where you can shop for vintage finds and furniture that are the real deal.

There are some things that they just don’t make like they used to. You especially know this is true if you’ve ever found a one-of-a-kind flea market find or something special hiding in one of the boxes at a yard sale.

In recent years, it seems that fewer of us have been saying “out with the old” and more of us have taken to recycling and even upcycling old and used items to be eco-friendly and sustainable. Because of that, it makes sense that many of us are turning to vintage furniture instead of buying brand-new, especially with the rise of “fast furniture” and all the waste that comes from throwing out old furniture.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go very far to get vintage furniture. You don’t even have to leave your couch (if you currently have one) — there are lots of vintage furniture stores online. Etsy is one of the places where you can look through tons of vintage furniture and decor, like a Baroque velvet sofa and an Art Deco mirror for your dresser.

But it can feel overwhelming to scroll through the site when there are pages and pages of options. That’s why we turned to Etsy’s resident trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, for the top vintage furniture stores on the site.

We also asked Johnson for tips on buying vintage furniture online. She recommends confirming with the seller about the condition of an item before clicking “checkout” — like its colors, fabrics and shape — so “you know exactly what you’ll be receiving.”

When there’s such a treasure trove of vintage pieces to browse through, you want to do a little bit of research on different decades and what furniture looked like in that era. Then search specific terms you’re interested in, like “midcentury modern dresser,” Johnson said.

And keep in mind that when you really love something, you shouldn’t wait too long.

“Most likely this item is one-of-kind and will not have multiples,” Johnson said. “So, if you see something you love, buy it! It may not be there a few hours later.”

If you’ve been hoping to bring some vintage vibes to your home — whether that’s with a Bohemian rattan bench for the outdoors or a minimalist and modern desk for your home office — we found the best sites that sell antique, vintage and used furniture and decor. We included Johnson’s recommendations for vintage furniture shops on Etsy, too.

Check out the best sites that sell vintage furniture online:




CaribeCasualShop / Etsy

If you’re looking for vintage that still feels modern, you should check out CaribeCasualShop. The Washington, D.C.-based Etsy shop has modernist and Danish-designed pieces. Lots of the vintage items in this shop have a story, like this “think” sign that was a gift to IBM employees and a Bayer pill paperweight from the ’50s. The items in this shop are pricer, but they’re unusual and unique.

Check out CaribeCasualShop on Etsy.


CollectionneurStudio / Etsy




GlitteryMoonVintage / Etsy

Jayson Home

Jayson Home


NewTimesFinds / Etsy

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane




SavageCactusCo / Etsy

Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s Home

OK, so we know what you’re thinking: Sotheby’s is going to be way over your budget. That was our first thought, too. But we spotted vintage furniture on the site that’s actually affordable! Auction house Sotheby’s bought Viyet, which is now called Sotheby’s Home, in 2018. The company describes it as a marketplace for furniture, decor and art. You can shop through “antique” or “vintage” finds, and can either buy items at their cost or make an offer. We also appreciate how detailed Sotheby’s Home is with describing the condition of vintage items. One of our favorite pieces is this Victorian painted writing table.

Check out Sotheby’s Home.


Urbanrefinds / Etsy

This Etsy shop is based in Bonn, Germany, and carries vintage furniture from the ’50s through the ’70s. You should definitely check the description of pieces, since the shop provides detailed notes about an item’s condition. These are rare finds, too — there is usually only one of each item. Among our favorite pieces are a flower bench for plant parents and this wood chest of drawers.

Check out Urbanrefinds on Etsy.




VintageWanders / Etsy

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