The Bay on ITV spoilers: Did Sean Meredith kill his twins? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Bay on ITV spoilers: Did Sean Meredith kill his twins? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Bay on ITV began tonight (Wednesday, March 20) with a cliffhanger that saw Sean Meredith (played by Jonas Armstrong) get arrested for the murder of his two twins. ITV viewers were left wondering whether Sean killed the twins in The Bay or whether it was another character. Jonas Armstrong, who plays Sean Meredith in The Bay, spoke to about whether his character did it or not.

Did Sean kill the twins in The Bay?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Bay on ITV.

Although Jonas refused to reveal whether Sean was the killer, he seemed to suggest the character might be a red herring.

In the first episode, Sean displayed a lot of suspicious behaviour which led DI Manning (Daniel Ryan) to suspect he might be the killer.

However, Jones revealed this was more his embarrassment about being encountered by his one night stand DS Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) and his fear of being found out by his wife Jess Meredith (Chanel Cresswell).

He said: “That’s the character…he gets aggressive because he’s been with this woman the night before.

“He wants her out of his house – his mind’s going haywire.”

Jonas also revealed his character’s suspicious behaviour gets explained throughout the series, suggesting he might not be the killer.

He said: “As the story progresses, we learn that the things he does are out of desperation.

“He has the necessity to feel like he’s providing for the family.”

Although he seems unlikely to have killed the twins, Jonas teased the character may have been part of some seriously bad behaviour.

He said: “More stories come into play and you learn more about Sean and his antics.”

Although Jonas would not reveal the killer, he did say how he found out who it was.

“I had to,” he said, “because Sean is the primary suspect at the end of episode one so I asked and he [INSERT NAME OF PERSON WHO TOLD HIM] told me if I had or hadn’t.”

He also revealed that the killer would be announced by the end of this series.

When asked if he would be back and if season two of The Bay was a possibility, he said: “Our stories have probably come to a final conclusion.”

Viewers can find out what that conclusion is as The Bay continues on ITV.

The Bay airs Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV.

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