'Straight pride' organizer flubs remarks | USA TODAY

'Straight pride' organizer flubs remarks | USA TODAY

“Straight pride” leader Don Grundmann accidentally called his organization a “peaceful racist group” while addressing a city council meeting.

The head of the National Straight Pride Coalition accidentally called his organization a “totally peaceful racist group” to laughter from those gathered at a California city council meeting on Wednesday night.

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  1. Brother Rob

    During the end times those who want to live in the wrong will die in too. in the worse way possible when demons come out from everywhere to eat alive those left behind. those who sacrifice their soul and their humanity for a false sense of freedom and security deserve nothing.

  2. Brian Kaz

    The Day of YHVH is near. You think queer is good? You call good evil, and evil good. YHVH is raising up the sword, do you know what that means? This day begins with fire.

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