Sassy flight attendant makes safety (almost) sexy

Sassy flight attendant makes safety (almost) sexy

The fun staff at Southwest Airlines are at it again! This flight attendant’s cheeky pre-flight safety presentation will make you pay full attention.

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  1. Therrie Butz

    oh my gosh I was on a flight with him on wednesday one of the best flights I've had not only can he entertain he is a great flight attendant……they need more employees like him making people laugh loved it

  2. sofia lizzy

    Lmao… my teenage boys loved this and my youngest asked what are the qualifications to be a flight attendant… I can easily see him doing this… lmao

  3. GamerKate1

    I would love to have that guy on my next flight. Making your passengers be happy and have a good life is just awesome. I had a good laugh at this, lol.


    The guy is clearly unprofessional and should be ashamed of himself. At a comedy show it may be funny but on a plane while on duty it is just immature and unprofessional.

  5. SimplisticallyNormal

    I had this guy yesterday on my flight from Arizona to Indiana and as someone who is a very nervous flyer it took my mind away from being scared! I really appreciated it and had one of the best flights I’ve ever had calmwise for myself even though it was a little bumpy 🙂

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