Rip Taylor passes away | USA TODAY

Rip Taylor passes away | USA TODAY

Comedian Rip Taylor dead at 84

Comedian Rip Taylor, the self-described as the “King of Confetti,” died at age 84 in Beverly Hills.

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  1. Giovanni Pecina

    It's crazy how I just watching jackass and at the end of the movie he was there throwing confetti and then I get the notification that he passed away that's crazy


    We are going to miss you Taylor he makes a lot of good shows even movies he was funny and he's going to miss his family and friends rest in peace R.I.P

  3. rrr ccc

    He used to attend for years to the cosmetology convention in Long Beach and was a vendor promoting his line of wigs names Rip's wigs. Nice guy.

  4. jasobres

    Gotta be honest. When I first saw the news, I was like "Didn't he already die earlier this year?" But then I remembered that was Rip Torn. Bet that's a common mistake.

  5. SuperMich66

    damn it, not another one !!!! ginger baker too, ric ocasek the other week along with eddie money…..STOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP !!!!!!! this is too fast, slow down a sec……..all my heros……..R.I.P…………….

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