Put Away the Pamphlets: Voter Registration Day Goes Digital

Put Away the Pamphlets: Voter Registration Day Goes Digital

The campaigns and outside political groups have focused on digital efforts instead.

The Biden campaign’s efforts today include a virtual rally with campaign surrogates like Jodie Sweetin of “Fuller House” and the figure skater Michelle Kwan, and a paid advertising push on Facebook. The Trump campaign is using its vast organic digital channels, like its shows on YouTube, and paid media to direct supporters to its voter registration site.

Acronym, a liberal-leaning nonprofit group, is releasing videos featuring Master Caleb Stewart, a 5-year-old motivational speaker, who directs viewers to a web portal promoting registration.

When We All Vote, the group founded by Michelle Obama, will stream the former first lady’s conversations with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Ayesha Curry and Chris Paul on its Instagram account, with live DJ sets and a “Couch Party” where supporters can join an effort to text more than 500,000 eligible voters.

Much of corporate America has also joined the digital voter registration push, with the social media platforms at the forefront.

Facebook announced on Monday that it had already registered 2.5 million voters through their promotions and tools atop Facebook and Instagram feeds. Twitter will send a push alert today to every person with an account in the United States, directing them to a page with voter registration information.

Snapchat added the ability to register to vote inside its app, and has registered 400,000 people. OkCupid, an online dating site, is allowing people who have registered to vote to add a “Voter 2020” badge, which the company claims increases the chances of getting a message by 85 percent.

The music industry, which has traditionally been a major voter registration driver through groups like Rock the Vote, has been figuring out its own survival during the pandemic while still keeping a hand in civic action. Rock the Vote has partnered with nonprofits like When We All Vote and companies like Foot Locker to hold National Voter Registration Day drives.

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