President Trump, Justin Trudeau on Iran tensions | Week In Review

President Trump, Justin Trudeau on Iran tensions | Week In Review

The world reacts to the tensions that are escalating within Iran. Remarks from President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

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  1. The Write In President

    And The Teacher Spoke…, The Youth die and young, and the old just
    fade away… What have we done where we do not demand an end to WAR
    and STOP saying people and children must die for us to be happy with
    one another??? How long have you my man made MACHINE and you and my
    CLONE Factory wombman RATIONALIZED that this is just the way it
    is……., and this is just the way it well always be??? Do we have
    any say in the matters of our lives from day to day……, and are we
    to let ANDROIDS now tell us….., what we are…., where we are…,
    and Whom we are when the PROGRAMMER lied to the Logarithmic
    Interfaces with Falsified data of Black Holes.., and Quasars., and
    Things that just do not exist… The awakening happens, but I do not
    see the world on fire, and I fear you would rather have TV COMFORT
    You [then allow it] +=+ be honest and shame you for your inability to
    know reality from fact!!! Your life is a DEAD END JOB be you in the
    Military, Government, Religion, aka The CORPORATIONS of this
    Celestial Sphere PURGATORY home world {we all share} / * where day
    after day you do not COMPREHEND you are trapped in THE MOMENT…
    There is no past, there is no future, there is just this CONTINUUM of
    being Stuck in The eternal Present, and what do you do knowing you
    can never not be in the right now??? You Drink, You Drug, you have
    sex, and you refuse to walk away from WAR??? Tell me…., knowing
    your physical corporeal body “TEMPLE” Avatar is all you have to
    EXPRESS Your self, why have you LOST touch with your Emotions, and
    your Compassion…?, do tell me why you must ALWAYS Choose RAGE, and
    {{{we must kill them}}} cause the PEOPLE whom run our SLAVE CAMPS say
    on the TV Screen that they KNOW they are the ENEMY??? You do know the
    word EMPLOYEE means SLAVE in the RULE OF LAW….?, and since this is
    A buy one ONE get ONE Free “Monetary System” you seem to have a
    Perverted Twisted Desire to PAY for the C.O.P.S. Whom Arrest you….?,
    and You Pay to keep OTHER People [just like you] [{**}] in Dungeons
    that in this só called Modern Era are all them JAILS and PRISONS,
    and you seem to like Paying the PEOPLE Whom TAX you to death while
    “your children” go with out Food, and Knowledge, and Shelter????
    Ohh…., do not say: That kid ain’t mine, I ain’t got no one to
    love me!!! You do have people whom love you, but you have forgotten
    what Charity and Goodness and Comfort Means, só you LASH out at
    others thinking {they will never see} [{*}] you are The Broken One….,
    You are the one filled with Hate and a Broken Heart, and you are the
    one being a TERRORIST, and you demand we the CITIZENS of our NATIONS
    kill one another cause you will not OWN what you have done!!! It
    matters not to me that PURGATORY only lets those go home who say
    enough is enough…., and I WILL NOT KILL… I will not March on
    their Streets, and I will NOT Drop Bombs to one more Blood Sacrifices
    for all these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST PizzaGATE Satanist… For
    you see, you do NOT own me, or my mind, or how I will chose to behave
    while I still have [the right] to Thought!!! This is the aim of WE
    ARE The Society of nonmason for WE ARE wish to seek RECONCILIATION,
    Reconsideration, and to embrace our Regrets {for we do have many}
    that we could not save your from your Madness while you FREEMASON are
    so blinded with all your Bricks of Silver and Gold…., and your
    Bombs of Terrorism, and your Hate of what you are, só you take it
    out on WE ARE… For you, we say…., come kill us all, for we will
    NOT go kill for you… I am Tired of YOUR WAYS for they do not bring
    me peace of mind…., só it is high Time for me to “Walk Away”
    from you…., and go back home… I don’t care about your stuff!!!
    I don’t care about your clothing, I just don’t care what you say
    on the TV Screens anymore, and I want the Parents and Their Children
    to STOP Crying… The Book of EXODICE…


  2. Wastedtrash

    The do nothing Democrats love and harbor terrorists. Basically the same playbook. The only difference is the Democrats use are own laws to inflict damage. Obama gave them the billions of dollars to purchase the missiles to launch at our air bases and to lunch at that Ukrainian airliner.

  3. Earth Energy

    Q: why bush or Obama don't do It?
    A: It's because they know this problem bring a lot of tension on American citizen not the presdant or people in power. It affect others US CITIZENS around the world who try to make change in the world bro. Don't tell us noting happen at the moment but you should think about the future as well, if one US CITIZENS die because of this reason, make sure you sit and think twice before u make another tension around the world. Becouse ppl with good heart might affect not you. Just advice

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