President Donald Trump reveals why he ‘essentially fired’ General Jim Mattis

President Donald Trump reveals why he ‘essentially fired’ General Jim Mattis

Trump blasted former Defense Secretary James Mattis during a cabinet meeting. Mattis resigned in December, citing differences in policy opinions.

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  1. Shon Won

    We don't want advice from any more 'NEOconservative' warmongers who are going to retire to work for some defense contractor in the military industrial complex. Fck Mattis and his kickbacks. Simple. These are the same guys who called OBL a 'freedom fighter' when he was fighting the Soviets. They along w/ the CIA are still trying to do the SAME shit in Syria.

  2. AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6

    There's nothing wrong with those two wings of the Eagle! #Revelation13:11 #twoHorns of the last beast.

    Last time those caucasoid buided a wall around Yarawshalam in Masada they blocked food/H20 from coming in/out for 7yrs the Judeans cooked up their own babies + looting/killing was everywhere ect. #Luke21:20-24
    & the wall y'all be seeing those rat kissing is the same remant of that wall they preciously build.

    #2Esdras15:15-17 #Passport oh plz children of Yasharahla & gentiles get your passport ready coz they are about to go on a rampage to mass killing y'all very soon. Plz wake up #John8:32/Pslams119:142

    May Ahayah the power almighty of our fathers Abraham Issac and Yasharahla blesses thee Tru his son Ha'Mashiach Yashayah & let Ha'Qadash Rawach stays on y'all.


  3. Depcom

    This very video is the reason why Mattis resigned. Mattis was working for a way lesser man that the average man. He was working for a weak, cowardly, immoral, substandard human being with no sense of what's right or wrong and a total disgrace to all of our citizens who serve in our armed forces. LMAO @ this dude. He doesn't even remember that Mattis resigned.  

    What's he got, alzheimer's, or is it just short term memory loss from all that marijuana he smoked. I can see this fool in the future going off the deep end and ordering nukes to be fired at Russia, and then totally forgetting he gave the order. God save America and the world from this living, breathing Crisis In Chief!

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