President Donald Trump: House Democrats 'hate our country' | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump: House Democrats 'hate our country' | USA TODAY

‘They hate our country’: President Trump remarked on House Democrats who are ‘complaining constantly.’
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While commenting on tweets he made about the “Radical Left Congresswomen,” President Donald Trump said they’re free to leave if they want to.

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  1. trail mark

    Is it just me or has stupid become the national norm. Donald Trump did not bring evangelism into the eye of God and country, did he? Common sense can't live in reality with a logic coming out of a spiritual blindness telling us reality no longer needs to be judged on its merits it now can be judged on its feelings. Pat Robertson's Church, can't be behind our president getting elected this is just too scary. Evangelist has been caught many times in the past with its hands in our pockets taking money out of its church. Look up the lives of Jim and Tammy Bakker who are also in the same religion as Pat Robertson. Evangelist has been telling us they can heal cancer simply by touching the TV set and now they're making laws for reality to follow? People, there is a good chance this is what is living behind our money and politics today and a 99% chance that it is nothing more than a pyramid scheme linked to Wall Street feelings messing in the mind of common sense. Look up Pat Robertson running for president. People I remember when reality could be judged better than just alternative facts running loose in the mind with no real logic to support them.

  2. lue lunsford

    Get off GMOs foods fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation wake up people . They are depopulating us look it up.

  3. JabberCT

    I agree because its the liberals who allowed Nazis to march with them and when one of the Nazis killed a woman, they said the Nazis were good people… oh wait.
    I agree because it was liberals who started a war with this country over the right to own and beat black people… oh wait.
    I agree because its the liberals trying to stifle the free press which goes against the very 1st amendment to the beloved constitution… oh wait.
    I agree because… umm… maga? or something?

  4. Say What?

    If Trump loved this country like he professes (and not just tries to scam his cult members) he would:
    1. Not be a damn racist
    2. Not act like a spoiled toddler throwing tantrums
    3. Get off Twitter
    4. READ the important documents and not insist on just 1 page full of pictures
    5. Stop golfing and do some friggin work
    6. Stop making up retarded names for people that call out his shit (which he has A LOT OF SHIT)
    7. Stop grabbing Ivanka and fire ANY family that he hired to work in the Whitehouse i.e. Ivanka and Jared
    8. Follow the laws on emoluments clauses
    9. Not cozy up to disgusting dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un!!
    10. Get smarter…he's such a total's embarrassing.
    11. Stop trying to kill the environment and take climate change seriously
    12. Stop giving huge tax breaks to the ultra rich
    13. Start manufacturing his clothing line, ties etc. in AMERICA, YOU ORANGE DOUCHEBAG instead of overseas!! I mean, I thought it was America first??
    14. And finally…

    Release the children from cages and all the immigrating people detained and help the children be reunited with their relatives!!! THAT IS THE MOST DEPLORABLE THING THAT ORANGE PIECE OF SHIT AND HIS SYCHOPHANTS HAVE DONE THUS FAR!
    Save America from our slimy president and his inept enabling administration…VOTE BLUE IN 2020! Thanks.

  5. jasobres

    Hey, I'm a liberal, and I like our country just as much as the next guy. Except I'd love it more if it provided universal health, had no racism, no white nationalism, no antisemitism, no gun violence, no migrant prisons… Basically, if you got rid of everything this so-called "not-racist" stood for, I'd call myself proud to be an American.

  6. Motorcitymadman

    Had to search for a video with comments allowed. Its very simple if you hate this country leave. Dont come here for a hand out come for a hand up. We are not a democracy we are a Constitution Republic that is Democratic. We are not socialist. Nothing is free. We are not Communist. We have a corrupt Government that we need to get back control of and Trump is the only one with any power speaking about it. But still nothing is getting done. Martial law, arrest the communist traitors and hold the criminals accountable for ONCE.


    First off, the Trump slogan "MAGA" basically is stating that America is NOT GREAT and they wanna make it great! lol Another words, Trump supporters are the very ones who are saying "America SUCKS" and the wanna make it NOT SUCK anymore. Now just who and what party thinks America sucks??? Trump supporters basically hate America and think it sucks, the slogan says it all!

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