'Our gun laws will change': New Zealand Prime Minister after shooting

'Our gun laws will change': New Zealand Prime Minister after shooting

New Zealand Prime Minister said the country’s gun laws will change after the mosque shootings that left 49 dead.

Shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Friday resulted in at least 49 fatalities and the detention of three armed suspects, one charged with murder, in what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called a terrorist attack.

As news of the tragedy broke, video also surfaced on social media of a gunman opening fire inside one of the mosques.

Authorities say the planned attacks happened at two mosques in the city. Police also defused explosive devices found in a car. More than 45 people were being treated for gunshot injuries at a nearby hospital.

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  1. 7dangus7

    Yeah that's the answer. Another gun law… Sure that's really going stop someone hell bent on killing as many people as they can. Another fool politician.

  2. 1967davethewave

    All governments in "free" countries are looking for any crisis what so ever to make more restrictive gun laws. And if you disagree then you are labeled a bigot homophobe that wants baby seals clubbed to death and crosses burned in minorities front yards.

  3. Rick W

    Yes, more gun laws will work…..this time. When a person is going to commit the most heinous crime of murder or even mass murder do you really think any law is going to change his mind. You are preying on and acting on irrational emotions rather than thinking clearly. Enforce the laws you have, adding more will make no difference other than divide the people, increase distrust of government and frankly put law abiding people at a disadvantage from criminals

  4. Joe Cain

    Gun laws aren't the problem here the problem is you keep an importing Muslim refugees that came from terrorist countries that can get guns on the black market

  5. Ale Bofa

    So many people are retarded in comments section. No ones trying to take guns away but people go on some dumb “guns don’t kill people, people kill people “ bullshit. They’re just trying to make it harder for idiots to do things like this. It’s also hilarious how many people don’t actually take this seriously. I saw the video it’s pretty horrible. I’m not anti gun I just think guns shouldn’t be sold to idiots. Better to be safe than sorry, New Zealand is a safe country anyways it’s not like ur In a war torn country where I would believe you should a gun to protect yourself

  6. Roger Freeberg

    She is an idiotic woman who knows nothing about what she is talking about. Another babbling female. F*ck her . Put her up om a pole………………………

  7. Delyric Oracle

    If you allowed self defense as a valid reason to own a gun those poor people may have had a fighting chance rather than being mowed down helplessly.. so in response to this you are doing what the terrorist explicitly stated he wanted and expanding the control of peoples right to self defense (which they already dont have in your country) which allowed him to be successful.

  8. Hubert Munusami

    Gun laws doesnt need to be changed deranged people shouldn't be in government if people start crashing cars into people would ban cars when you make statement don't read what they want you to say just say it from your heart

  9. Chase

    It's ironic that media is covering up what the shooter said with their grossly edited clips. He wanted all guns banned and anything right wing to suffer from his stunt. This is just the story of liberals who would rather kill hundreds to thousands of people and claim they are on the right than look for a peaceful solution. TL;DR Liberals are still salty we banned slavery.

  10. Joe Cain

    Stop allowing Muslim refugees coming into your country and that will stop the gun violence don't import violence Deport the violence

  11. Papov Polinski

    49 dead? Damn now that's impressive. But, unfortunately he won't be labled An Hero like Stephen Paddock. Now that was a TRUE An Hero. Still, I would like to shake this man's hand and congratulate him on ridding the world of these goat fuckers.

  12. mik3ymomo

    Here are just 5 instances. There are more. This is why people need an education instead of an indoctrination. You should change guns laws. Put them in law abiding citizens hands. It will stop this from being 49 dead while the criminal drives away..

    Nov 2017
    The armed civilian who used his assault rifle to stop Sunday’s mass murder of 26 Texas churchgoers has been hailed, rightly, as a hero, but Stephen Willeford is hardly unique. A number of armed American citizens have also used their firearms to stop or limit mass killings.

    — In 1997, the assistant principal of Mississippi’s Pearl High School, Joel Myrick, used the .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol he kept in his truck to detain 16-year-old Luke Woodham after the teenager stabbed and bludgeoned to death his mother at home and killed two students and injured seven at the high school.

    A decade later, in 2007, Matthew Murray killed four people at Colorado Spring church before being shot by church member and volunteer security guard Jeanne Assam.

    — April 2016, an Uber driver with a concealed-carry permit shot and wounded a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people in Chicago’s Logan Square.

    — September 2017, an usher at a Tennessee church used his personal firearm to subdue a masked gunman who had already killed one woman in the church’s parking lot and injured six others inside.

  13. Daniel Gleason

    Ya I'm sure they will change you liberal trash this I wouldn't doubt it was a set up shooting to use mass media propaganda to continue to attack gun rights,sad days we live in,God is coming soon

  14. Woo Bino

    If this guy had been a Muslim, the world would be on lock down today.
    my conservative (work)friends today were silent..had this been a Muslim shooter they would have been squawking all day…..😕

  15. Brian W

    I’m so glad New Zealand has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, so mass shootings can’t happen… oh wait…

  16. Gabriel Winer

    Got to love all the advice from my fellow Americans. We have the highest rate of mass shootings, do little to nothing about it, and then are going to tell New Zealand what they should do.

  17. Megan .H

    More restrictive gun laws will not help. And a better armed citizenry will help. God bless you. I hope you will keep New Zealand free!

  18. m3an

    Ah, the YouTube crowd gathered again in the face of a tragedy to feel sorry for themselves and wank on each others pathetic outlook of never giving a shit, except when it's about guns. I hope you guys use your weaponry for something good, like shooting yourself in the head. Thank you.

  19. marc rasmussen

    Geeee, I never saw that coming….😶, this whole thing stinks to high heaven, something is rotten here. Just like in the United States, when supposedly school shootings happen, which I know are setups from someone people in government to set up police's for gun takeaways….

  20. Idi Amin

    What an idiot Prime Minister!! Good people now have no guns to defend themselves against the criminals who find a way to have guns. Gonna have to come take mine,,, and people will die in the process. I may be one who dies as well.

  21. Lui Pietro

    Well guns are illegal in Mexico yet there are people dying everyday over there by shootings. If guns are illegal in Mexico why are people still shooting each other?

  22. joe west

    The left loves to blame everone else, but there the ones puttin lies out on this and many other issues! We not giving up our God given rights to speak and to protect our selves and family. Period!!

  23. Dan Menard

    When will you leftest learn gun laws only hurt law abiding citizens, not criminals! If a bad guy or girl want a gun to commit a crime they are not going to the local gun shop to buy a weapon, they are going to their fellow criminals to buy their weapons. Your moronic gun laws will not stop these people, wake the hell up you fools! The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun willing to harm innocent people, is a good guy with a gun willing to protect innocent people!

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