Officials provide updates on Santa Cruz Boat fire | USA TODAY

Officials provide updates on Santa Cruz Boat fire | USA TODAY


A diving boat with dozens of passengers aboard caught fire near Santa Barbara, California, and some deaths have been reported.

Five crew members sleeping on the top deck were rescued at Santa Cruz Island, near Santa Barbara, according to Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Kroll of the U.S. Coast Guard. He said 34 passengers who were sleeping below deck have not been accounted for.

“The vessel was reported as being on fire,” the Coast Guard Los Angeles said on Twitter. “The a group of crew members has been rescued (one with minor injuries) and efforts continue to evacuate the remaining passengers.”

The Ventura County Fire Department said it was also involved in the rescue operation. KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, citing Ventura fire officials, said multiple deaths had been reported.

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  1. E Emmanuel

    There is something spooky about 34 people dead and no one knows why and only the crew got off , it sounds like the crew murdered all those pople for unknown reasons and covered it up. Something is not adding up.

  2. NaYawkr

    34 souls who never anticipated dying this morning. How many went to hell ? Heaven is a gift that none of us deserve. All lovers of the secular world would be lining up for hell. So, are any of you ready for the death approaching you know not when, and the just judgement of God ? ?

  3. BC Bob

    Another news source said there was 3 birthday parties on that boat earlier that night. Someone having a nicotine fit below decks too lazy or drunk to walk topside for a smoke?🤨

    Wonder if the crew will get piss or blood tested?

    RIP and condolences to familia and friends.

  4. Naomi Austin

    I pray these are Masonic Hoaxes that they do on all the Holidays and not real deaths. The 33 Masonic Hoax code is in the time of the fire and you also notice there are NO DETAILS really given…..never have any info…blah blah……. 34 victims missing = 7 is also Masonic Coding for psy op ..they love to traumatize people …praying no one really died.

  5. Tom O'Leary

    Dove this boat many times. Four rows of bunks each stacked three high in passenger quarters. Passengers sleep below sea level, crew sleeps in crew quarters which are above the working deck. Should be at least one crew member awake at all times. Most likely smoke inhalation or CO poisoning incapacated passengers, as there is a ladder down the front and emergency exit in back of passenger cabin.

  6. mksboysal

    How come all the crew members survived and 34 passengers died? This does not make sense! I wonder if a competitor company bribed someone to put this company out of business by fire! So they can make $22000 each trip?

  7. Nick Vartan

    I just don’t understand how that the boat explodes 20 yards from shore and yet they can’t find any human remains in the water. Tell me how that makes sense. I understand that the crew was awake and was able to jump off but it’s still suspicious to me that all 5 were able to do so. 🤔🤷‍♂️.

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