North and South Korea announce an end to Korean War

North and South Korea announce an end to Korean War

North and South Korea pledged to formally end the Korean War during the historic summit between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in. Until now, the two countries have technically still been at war, despite the conflict ending in 1953.

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  1. Zachary Schaefer

    The north and south have just announced the complete denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula!! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!! Without your help, this would have never happened and now all the nay-sayers can choke on their own words!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Ross Harris

    Looks and sounds great 🎊✌🎆👏🎉 an end of war during Mt.24:6. This type of *good works shouldn't be difficult for the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Phillipines, and all others at variance with each other, real or engineered conflicts globally…..The war business is effette; reconfigure your mind/attitudes/factories to produce other things for "life". Gal.6:10

  3. Shawn Smith

    Trump's not going to receive a Nobel peace prize. Like Obama received for doing the complete opposite of creating peace. Also Kim Jung un is a vicious dictator! On par with Hitler and Stalin. Yet south Korea is trusting this guy even the slightest. He still deserves to be killed for the many hundreds of thousands or millions of people he had murdered. Pure evil, is getting its platform on the world stage. Wake up!

  4. George Baker

    Lmao you have all these Americans crediting trump for this forgetting he has no idea about foreign politics, gets advices by others on how to do anything, and are giving articles by the corrupt American media that of course will praise trump like the next coming of Jesus

  5. Neo Noir

    It didn't come out of no where and Trump had NOTHING to do with "little rocket man" and his long standing fued being resolved with S.Korea. Unfortunately this win goes to CHINA. The only other country he visited. It's not that hard

  6. Min Min

    What the Hehaw r u people saying???!! If these folks want to go war with us they can and will. If no one saw this coming, will we see it coming when China chooses to join forces and come against us as well. Has anyone seen a documentary on South and North Korea? These folks went to thee extreme to not touch each other's soil. If we did go to war with them do y'all think there'd be mercy for our asses? No. Yal may think this is awe so good, but this alliance could also mean we're on a path something very destructive.

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